Performance issue with the EJB Designer using EJBGRPX modules

By: Christopher Moeller

Abstract: Increasing performance of the EJB Designer


Performance issue may arise when trying to use the EJB Designer to model a database containing more than 200 tables. When opening the EJB Designer, the JBuilder may hang for several minutes before opening. Is there a way to increase the performance of JBuilder so that it can load the EJB Designer quicker?



The problem is related to the work necessary to parse the .ejbgprx file when the EJB Designer is loading. Switching the .ejbgrpx (XML/text), to a .ejbgrp file (binary) allows the data to be parsed quicker, and may result in faster load times for the EJB Designer.

For new projects specify the Binary format instead of XML in the "EJB Modeler Wizard" dialog. For existing projects the easiest way is to create a new ejbgrp module from the deployment descriptors of the ejbgrpx; you can create a new EJB module directly from the JAR file of the ejbgrpx.

Published on: 4/23/2003 12:09:39 PM

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