InterBase PLANalyzer 1.1 Released

By: Craig Stuntz

Abstract: InterBase PLANalyzer is a free tool to optimize IB SQL and metadata. Version 1.1 adds support for IB 5.6-7, query cancellation, syntax highlighting, and more.

The purposes of IB PLANalyzer are:

  • To help you easily understand the optimization PLAN that IB creates for your queries.
  • To quickly determine if the indices used are highly selective.
  • To get accurate information on table reads.

InterBase PLANalyzer speeds optimization of InterBase SQL by graphically displaying the techniques that InterBase is using to run your query, including relevant index information, and by providing the most accurate statistics possible.

On top of that, it's easy to use and free! Use it regularly and you'll find that not only do your programs run faster, but you'll spend less time optimizing them.

The Help for InterBase PLANalyzer is the most complete documentation of optimizing InterBase SQL and metadata available anywhere.


New Features in Version 1.1

  • IB PLANalyzer now fully supports InterBase versions 5.6 through 7.
  • Support has been added for canceling long-running queries when remotely connected to an InterBase 6.5 (or higher) server. This option is disabled when IB PLANalyzer connects to an earlier version of InterBase or making local connections. This option require running queries in a background thread and can be disabled in the Options dialog.
  • It is now possible to cancel fetching of large result sets, for all versions of InterBase.
  • The SQL editor now does syntax highlighting. No attempt has been made to closely conform to IB server versions, however -- you'll still see IB 6 keywords highlighted when connecting to a 5.6 server, etc. The current cursor position is shown in the status bar.
  • It's now possible to select a character set when connecting to a DB. The character set and ROLE are now stored in the application's INI file (if you choose to store username and password information).
  • A couple bugs in the PLAN Parser have been fixed, and a feature has been added to guard against infinite recursion in the parser. Delimited indices are now handled correctly. InterBase 7 correctly supports delimited identifiers in PLAN expressions, so IB PLANalyzer does, too. Error cases resulting in infinite recursion will now produce an error message instead of overflowing the call stack and crashing the application. :) The parser should be slightly faster now.
  • Many other small enhancements, tweaks, and bug fixes. The connect dialog is now sizeable (width-wise), for one thing, so that you can see your long DB paths. You can sort the results grid by clicking on column headers. Hold shift to sort on multiple columns. Midas.dll is now statically linked into the application, so you don't have to be a system administrator to install IB PLANalyzer anymore.

InterBase PLANalyzer 1.01 may be downloaded from CodeCentral.

Published on: 11/27/2002 12:31:59 PM

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