John K's LinuxWorld report

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Links to press articles and other information on Kylix and JBuilder's support for Linux

LinuxWorld Expo Report

In the Borland booth at the Jacob Javits Center in New York, New York, Borland launched Kylix on January 31st, 2001 at 4:00pm EST. The product received much attention from the attendees of the show, press, and other vendors in the show. In fact, Kylix was so impressive it won "Best Development Tool" at the show. The press found Kylix quite fascinating and a revolutionary step for Linux software development.

Kylix Press Coverage

The press was quite excited about what they saw. Most of these articles are about Kylix. Some are also about JBuilder running on the Linux platform. Here are some of the links I've gathered from newsgroup references and other Borland employees. Please respond to this article with more if you find them. Thanks!

  • ZDNet: Borland's Kylix tool for Linux comes into focus
  • LinuxWorld: What to expect at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo
  • LinuxToday: Lou's Views: Barbarians in Tuxedoes
  • Linux News: Kylix
  • ZDNet: Standing in Linux
  • Dr. Dobbs TechNetCast - Borland Releases Kylix Linux RAD Tool
  • LinuxWorld: Caldera Co-Founder To Launch Linux B2B Marketplace
  • SlashDot: Borland Kylix Released - Kinda
  • SD Times: Delphi for Linux? Finally a Reality
  • LinuxWorld: Sun unveils Java for Linux appliances (Borland JBuilder mention at LinuxWorld)
  • CNet: Borland hopes to tow Windows programmers toward Linux
  • TechWeb: Borland's Kylix Eases Linux Development
  • LinuxJournal: A Matter of Principle: RMS at Linux Expo in Amsterdam
  • InfoWorld: Borland says Kylix is complete
  • CNet: Sun boosts Java on Linux gadgets
  • Other Kylix links

  • Kylix Home Page
  • Some Kylix wallpaper from a community member
  • Kylix is here!
  • Kylix launch chat transcript

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