Your Kylix Study Guide

By: John Kaster

Abstract: John K has updated a list of links that are recommended pre-reading for the Tools and Component Builders who are coming to the Kylix KickStart meeting on March 20th, 2000

Your Kylix Study Guide

By John Kaster, Borland Developer Relations

The Kylix Project

Kylix is the project code name for Delphi and C++ Builder on Linux. You can read more about the Kylix project in the original Kylix Press Release. For additional information on Kylix, you can go to the Borland Linux products web site, or to the Linux community. To see all the community articles that mention Kylix, you can also search for "Kylix".

The Kylix Kickstart for TCBs

Borland is hosting a Kylix Kickstart meeting all day Monday, March 20th, 2000. We have sent out invitations to all our registered Tools and Component Builder (TCB) partners, so we can put them on the bleeding edge of support for Kylix. The TCBs need extra time for their products ready to ship around the time Kylix does, and they're willing to take the risk of that information changing before the product actually ships. (This is part of the "fun" of being a TCB.)

When I was talking with the R&D team, it was clear that there is simply too much information to cover in one day for all the technical aspects of Kylix. While specific implementation details on Kylix may not be released to the public yet, the background information on Linux and what our development team used for research may help you understand the general issues involved in developing Delphi for Linux.

The Public Study Guide

Here's the start of a study guide for the kickstart meeting. All of the links in this guide are public links. I thought the rest of you who are not invited to the Kylix kickstart meeting because you're not a TCB might still be interested in seeing the Linux references our development team is using while they work on Kylix.

Because Linux is so distributed, one source like an MSDN for Linux development does not exist. Finding out various implementation details we will face with Kylix is very time-consuming, and is a costly part of "research" done with R&D. I hope the links our R&D team has discovered will help save you some time. If you have other links to suggest, by all means please let me know by adding a comment to this article, and I will add them.

General Linux Sites The Linux org web site
Linux newbie Devoted to learning Linux
VMWare VMWare allows you to run Windows as a virtual machine on a Linux box

Linux Programming

The following links are on programming for Linux, including GUI environments, printing systems, localization, tools, and so on.

GNU Organization The GNU project web site
Troll Tech Qt The online reference for Qt, a GUI framework for Linux and Windows
Localization UTF-8 and Unicode FAQ for Unix/Linux
CUPS Common UNIX Printing System (Linux doesn't have a standard printing system)
GNOME GNOME is the GNU Network Object Model Environment. The GNOME project intends to build a complete, easy-to-use desktop environment for the user, and a powerful application framework for the software developer
GTK+ GTK+ is an Open Source Free Software GUI Toolkit, primarily developed for use with the X Window System
KDE KDE is a powerful graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations
Open Source Open Source Organization Web Site
Linux Documentation Project Online reference documentation for Linux
Linux How-To HTML and Plain text documentation on all aspects of Linux Some profanity on this site, so don't look if that bothers you. Good technical information there as well.
Samba Samba is an open source software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients.

Apache Web Server Information The Apache software foundation
Apache Week News site for Apache
Apache Book Apache The Definitive Guide, Ben & Peter Laurie, O'Reilly, ISBN 1-56592-528-9

General Internet Programming

Requests for Comments Standard specifications for all things Internet related
TCP/IP Illustrated TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1, W. Richard Stevens, Addison Wesley, ISBN 0-201-63346-9

Installation and Deployment Links

Linux doesn't have a system registry like Windows does. It doesn't have a standard install mechanism like Windows 2000 does with MSI. It doesn't have resource files. It doesn't even have a specification for where application-specific information should be placed. Different Linux distributions even support different (and incompatible) packaging technologies. All this creates some difficult installation and integration issues for deploying applications (even development tools) on the Linux platform.

What Linux does have is a variety of solutions for installing software, including:

Loki Games Setup An open source, XML-based installer with a GUI interface
RPM Intro Introduction to Red Hat's Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) technology
RPM Book A complete book on RPM
Debian Packaging Manual Information on another package manager supported by Debian distributions
Linux on Laptops Help installing Linux on Laptop Computers

Linux News

Some of the popular web sites that host Linux discussions or news announcements

Linux Today The Linux Today News Service
Slashdot Linux-centric public discussions News on software for Linux

Glossary of Linux Terms

There's a lot more to Linux lingo than this, but it's a start. You should also note that Linux is case-sensitive everywhere, so the only terms that are uppercased in this list are the acronyms. You can also look at this large jargon site for additional terms.

.aObject archive. Concatenation of multiple .os.Win32 analog: .LIB
bashBourne-Again Shell. Command line shell derived from Bourne shell.Win32 analog: CMD.EXE
coreLinux coredump file. These things turn up all over your hard disk, and some of them are not small. Delete with extreme prejudice.Win32 analog: UAE / GPF
cpCopy a file.Win32 analog: copy
ELFExecutable and Linkable Format.Win32 analog: PE
lsList file names in a directory.Win32 analog: dir
mkdirCreate a directory.Win32 analog: md
mvMove a file to a new location replacing the existing file, or rename a file.Win32 analog: move or rename
.oObject file.Win32 analog: .OBJ
PICPosition Independent Codecode gen required for .so
rmDelete a file.Win32 analog: del
rmdirRemove a directory.Win32 analog: rd
.soShared Object LibraryWin32 analog: DLL
symlinkSymbolic Link. A file name that points to another file on disk. Place symlinks in the global "bin" directory that point to your application's main files and you don't have to muck with the system searh path.Win32 analog: none. (that works)
tarballstarballs: Archive of files in a directory tree, created by using the tar utility.Win32 Analog: ZIP file (without the compression)

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