Stored Procedures not working in MS-SQL 7

Abstract: How to get stored procedures which worked in MS-SQL 6.5 to work in MS-SQL 7

Why can't I use my MS-SQL 6.5 stored procedures in MS-SQL 7.0?


Although the BDE can be used to connect to MS-SQL 7 tables, it only supports MS-SQL 6.5 features. Here's why.

In this case the new feature in MS-SQL 7 that is not supported is the ability to have two stored procedures with the same name and different parameters. You will notice Stored Procedures in MS-SQL 7 have a ;1 or ;2 after the name. If you have a procedure with a ;1 after it you should be able to remove the ;1 and use it without a problem. If it has a ;2 or higher after it you should rename the procedures which have the same name, and remove the ;# and then it should work okay.

Published on: 1/19/2000 12:00:00 AM

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