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White Papers




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21 Jul 1999 30 Days from Paradox to InterBase
This article reviews the problems, the band-aids, the solutions, and the successes encountered during a large database migration from Paradox to InterBase
Skip Rowland White Paper
11 Oct 2014 5 Essential BaaS Features Every Mobile App Needs
White paper for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder developers
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
15 Jan 1997 A Comparison of Client/Server Development Tools; Powerbuilder vs. Delphi
Delphi offers performance vastly superior to PowerBuilder. And only Delphi offersintegrated coding, debugging, testing, and deployment of client/serverapplications to increase developer productivity and applicationstability.
Borland Staff White Paper
11 Sep 2002 A Guide to Porting Applications
Migrating from BEA® WebLogic® to Borland® Enterprise Server
Borland Staff White Paper
7 Mar 2001 A Quick Tour of Kylix
This white paper explains how to start Kylix and gives you a quick tour of the main parts and tools of the desktop, or integrated desktop environment (IDE) and it gives you an overview of software development with Kylix.
Borland Staff White Paper
6 Aug 2001 A Quick Tour of Kylix
Borland Kylix is an object-oriented, visual programming environment for rapid application development (RAD).
Borland Staff White Paper
12 Aug 2002 Alternatives in C++ Development
This white paper is relevant for all who are concerned with managing and programming software development projects, in particular for those that wish to protect investments in existing systems and increase the efficiency and speed of C/C++ development.
Borland Staff White Paper
30 Jul 1996 An Introduction to developing embedded SQL database applications with Interbase.
Programming efficient SQL applications within hosts languages such as C or C++ can be done with the InterBase GPRE preprocessor on UNIX and Windows 95/NT platforms.
Conference Speaker White Paper
20 Sep 2000 An Introduction To InterBase
written by Marcus Kemper, presented at BorCon 1998
Borland Staff White Paper
6 Aug 2001 Apache Development with Kylix Server Developer
Kylix is a Borland development tool that delivers native Rapid Application Development (RAD) to the Linux operating system.
Colin A. Ridgewell White Paper
21 Aug 2001 Apache Development with Kylix Server Developer
Kylix simplifies and speeds development of Apache based web/Internet application development for Linux so that you can deliver scalable web applications that support large numbers of users and large volumes of data.
Colin A. Ridgewell White Paper
25 Jun 2001 Application Server Partitioning: Reassessing application server technology with the Borland. Enterprise Server
Application Server Partitioning capabilities usually necessitate a physical separation of the server to achieve comparable levels of scalability, reliability, manageability, and security.
Borland Staff White Paper
19 Dec 2000 AppServer
An Integrated Solution for Developing, Deploying, and Managing Distributed Multi-tier Applications.
Borland Staff White Paper
18 Feb 2015 Avoiding the Top DBA Mistakes
Whitepaper by Tm Radney and Mike Walsh
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
28 Mar 2002 Borland C++ Builder 6.0 Overview
Rapid C++ e-business development with web services
Thomas Theobald White Paper
27 Jun 2006 Borland Data Provider(BDP) for the Microsoft .NET Framework
Microsoft .NET Data Provider コアインターフェースを実装した.NET データプロバイダBDPの概要を紹介するホワイトペーパーの翻訳です。本稿は、www.borland.co.jpにて公開されていた文書です。
Hitoshi Fujii White Paper
27 Jun 2006 Borland Database EngineアプリケーションのdbExpressへの移行
Hitoshi Fujii White Paper
6 May 2005 Borland Delphi 2005 Compiler, Language, and Debugger Enhancements
This article provides an overview of several of the new features found in Delphi 2005
Borland Technical Publications White Paper
28 Nov 2006 Borland Developer Studio 2006 Reviewer's Guide
The Complete Windows Development Solution
Cary Jensen White Paper
14 Aug 2006 Borland Developer Studio 2006に搭載されたモデルドリブン開発フレームワーク "ECO" の概要
ECO(Enterprise Core Objects)は、Borland Developer Studioに搭載された先進のモデルドリブン開発フレームワークです。データモデルとリレーションのビジュアル定義により、データベースの作成やマッピ ング、永続化、ユーザーインターフェースとの連携などを、特別なコーディングなしで実装でき、メンテナンス性の高いアプリケーションをすばやく開発できます。
Hitoshi Fujii White Paper

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