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White Papers


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11 Oct 5 Essential BaaS Features Every Mobile App Needs
White paper for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder developers
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
7 Apr Mobilizing Enterprise Data: Top 5 mistakes and how to avoid them!
Download the free report with info on InterBase
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
1 Apr Mobilizing Enterprise Data: Top 5 mistakes and how to avoid them!
Download the free report with info on InterBase
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
7 Aug 2013 The Cave Man's Delphi-PRISM Translation Primer
Here's what I learned about translating a big Delphi project to PRISM. Mostly it's mapping between common Delphi syntax and PRISM equivalents, and if there is no equivalent, some alternatives are presented. It's a quick-and-dirty, shoot-from-the-hip white paper, but hopefully it gets some ideas across, some of the things I have learned. [Authored by Shawn Charland]
Christopher Moeller White Paper
1 May 2013 RAD Studio XE4 Reviewer's Guide
This reviewer’s guide will give you an overview of some of the key benefits that developers will enjoy with RAD Studio XE4 as well as a walkthrough by building typical multi-device apps
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
23 Apr 2012 Integrating FireMonkey Into Your Existing VCL, C# and C++ Applications - White Paper
Learn what is required to create a shared library with FireMonkey in RAD Studio that can be used across multiple platforms, specifically with Windows and Mac OS X
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
22 Feb 2012 White Paper: Understanding RAD Studio LiveBindings
Learn to use LiveBindings in Delphi, C++Builder, RAD Studio, FireMonkey and VCL
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
22 Mar 2011 Delphi IDE を拡張する
Bruno Fierens が、Open Tools API で IDE を拡張する方法についてご紹介します。
Chikako Yonezawa White Paper
22 Feb 2011 Installing AsyncPro into Delphi XE and C++Builder XE
Al Mannarino takes you through the process of installing AsyncPro componets
Calvin Tang White Paper
14 Feb 2011 DataSnap in Action!
Delphi のエキスパートである Bob Swart が、Delphi XE の DataSnap を使用して多層アプリケーションの作成を紹介します
Chikako Yonezawa White Paper
13 Feb 2011 iPhone, IPod Touch, IPad のための開発に Delphi Prism XE を使用する
プログラミングエキスパートである Brian Long が Delphi Prism を使った iPhone アプリケーションの開発を紹介します。
Chikako Yonezawa White Paper
7 Feb 2011 モバイルアプリケーション開発: Android から PHP REST サーバーへ接続する
PHP と Android でモバイルアプリケーション開発
Chikako Yonezawa White Paper
18 Jan 2011 REST Servers in Delphi XE Using DataSnap
Delphi Expert Marco Cantù shows you how to build REST servers using DataSnap
Calvin Tang White Paper
7 Dec 2010 ホワイトペーパー: Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) のプロジェクトで J Optimizer 2009 を使用する
J Optimizer自身は環境に依存せずに動作し、異なるJava環境で実行している作成済みのJavaプロジェクトと共に動作します。
Tomohiro Takahashi White Paper
2 Nov 2010 White Paper: Using RadPHP XE with Existing PHP Applications
Create a project based on an existing PHP application and how you can run and debug that application using RadPHP XE
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
5 Apr 2010 Rapid database application development with Firebird, Delphi, and Embarcadero Change Manager
White paper from Daniel Magin at DelphiExperts.com
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
8 Feb 2010 White Paper: Developing for Mono with Delphi Prism
Create applications with Delphi Prism and target Mac OS X and Linux
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
3 Feb 2010 White Paper - Delphi 2010 DataSnap: Your data - where you want it, how you want it
Build DataSnap servers and clients on Windows and learn how to use filters, callbacks and build Web targets
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
24 Aug 2009 Faster SQL Profiling for Better Database Performance
This paper discusses how DB Optimizer helps you profile your databases to find problematic SQL statements faster and easier
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
19 Aug 2009 Performance Optimization: Extending the IT Infrastructure
Optimizing System Performance Using Prevent, Find, and Fix Methodologies
Tim DelChiaro White Paper

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