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30 May 2007 InterBase Security Updates
Security updates for InterBase 7.1 and 6.5 are available for download
CodeGear Updates
3 Feb 2002 Delphi , Kylix, Interbase & Borland wallpapers
Delphi , Kylix, Interbase & Borland wallpapers
CodeGear Contributed Article
Brian Alexakis
16 Mar 2015 InterBase XE7 Software License and Support Agreement (EULA)
Abstract: End user license agreement for InterBase XE7 including Server, ToGo, Developer and Desktop editions
Brian Alexakis Article
Jon Arthur
4 Dec 2001 InterBase 6.5 is now available!
InterBase 6.5 delivers new features, security and stability for robust database application development.
Jon Arthur Article
Brad Asmus
28 Jan 2003 InterBase 7.0 Trial Available
Download the InterBase 7.0 Trial Version.
Brad Asmus Article
27 Jan 2003 InterBase 7.0 Trial Technical Specifications
Capabilites of the InterBase 7.0 Trial version.
Brad Asmus Article
Sriram Balasubramanian
11 Aug 2010 Writing Stored Procedures and Triggers - by Bill Todd
Writing Stored Procedures and Triggers - by Bill Todd
Sriram Balasubramanian Article
29 Sep 2008 InterBase 2009 Hotfix Update 1
InterBase 2009 Hotfix Update 1
Sriram Balasubramanian Updates
3 Sep 2003 Tuning Borland InterBase Configuration Parameters
InterBase possesses a number of tunable configuration parameters that allow the high-end user to tune the database server (or the database) to perform optimally in particular environments.
Sriram Balasubramanian White Paper
Borland Staff
10 Mar 2003 Upscene Productions releases Database Workbench, an InterBase database engine developer tool.
Database Workbench is a powerful tool to help in developing database applications.
Borland Staff Article
10 Dec 2002 Javadoc for InterClient 3.0
Latest InterClient Documentation for the InterClient 3.0 which shipped and Works with InterBase 7.0. This documentation is more recent than the one on InterBase 7.0 CD.
Borland Staff TI
10 Oct 2002 InterBase administration tool EMS QuickDesk V. 2.8 released
EMS QuickDesk provides effective and powerful tools for InterBase administration
Borland Staff Article
26 Sep 2000 Writing Clean and Safe UDFs in Delphi
This article assumes the reader understands Delphi well enough to know how to create a DLL--We will demonstrate how to create UDFs, not DLLs.
Borland Staff TI
26 Sep 2000 SQL Roles: Users and Security in InterBase
This paper discusses how to setup security for user validation and database privileges to maintain security for your database.
Borland Staff White Paper
25 Sep 2000 How to Make Your Database Sound Better
This article is about making your database lightening fast.
Borland Staff TI
25 Sep 2000 Using InterBase Data Types
When one comes to InterBase for the first time in appears that some important data types are missing or difficult to implement. Not so. It is just a matter of knowing what to do.
Borland Staff TI
25 Sep 2000 Ten Things You Can Do To Make InterBase Scream
Increase the performance of your InterBase databases and applications.
Borland Staff TI
25 Sep 2000 Upsizing From dBASE to InterBase
This article is mostly about the theory behind client/server computing and the features of InterBase. There is no easier way, less expensive way to get your client/server feet wet than with the wonderful InterBase database server engine.
Borland Staff White Paper
25 Sep 2000 Upsizing Paradox Databases to InterBase
With forward planning and building on your database experience, you can move a relatively complex desktop database to the league of SQL database servers.
Borland Staff White Paper
25 Sep 2000 InterClient Java Technology For InterBase
InterClient may be the most fully functional jdbc driver available.
Borland Staff White Paper

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