Delphi-related Web Sites

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概要: An informal list of some valuable technical resources for Delphi

Delphi Web Sites

This list is not complete by any means, but it is an attempt to provide links to some of the information-rich Delphi web sites that can be found around the Web. They are in no particulary order. If you have additional links to suggest, please add them to the community site using Get Published! or by making a comment to this article.

Web SiteComments
Community Homepages Has other Delphi resources we mirror, like Delphi Super Pages and Torry's Delphi Page, and web sites for Borland staff members.
Delphi JEDIJoint Effort of Delphi Innovators: A large collaborative effort to add "features" to Delphi. Has links to additional open source projects as well.
Delphi 3000 Free place to share Delphi articles, similar to our newsgroups, but more content-rich
Delphi CityMany Delphi and C++ Builder components, a lot of them freeware
Delphi PagesSimilar to Torry's, with on-line forums
Richey's Delphi BoxExcellent resource for information on Delphi
Delphi SeekDelphi Search Engine
DelphreeDelphi Open Source Projects
UNDUUnofficial Newsletter of Delphi Users
Dr. Bob'sBob Swart's site, a very prolific author
Marco CantuMarco Cantu's site, another prolific author
ComponentSourceA source of commercial software components for Delphi, including free evaluations

Please enjoy these sites. You will be amazed at the quality and depth of information available on them.

John Kaster, Borland Developer Relations

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