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19 Dec 2007 CodeRage 2 Sessions & Replays
Watch all the great sessions from CodeRage II November 26-30, 2007
Anders Ohlsson Video
18 Dec 2007 JBuilder2007 Web Services – Building a Web Service Client from an Existing Web Service
Use JBuilder2007 to create a web client from an existing web service.
Doug Thiele Article
5 Nov 2007 Developer Camp Session "CodeGear Product Updates" - replay
Nick talks about current and future Delphi/C++Builder versions
Hitoshi Fujii Video
30 Oct 2007 JBuilder Product Roadmap
This article contains the CodeGear JBuilder product roadmap. It contains future development plans and time frames for product releases. (Last Updated 10/30/2007)
David Intersimone Article
25 Sep 2007 CodeGear Developer Network News - September 2007 - RAD Studio 2007, 3rdRail, JGear and more
CodeGear (from Borland) Developer Network (CDN) News is an email newsletter for members of the CodeGear Developer Network. Members receive this by email if you expressed an interest (by setting the CDN News flag in your member profile) in getting community news updates.
David Intersimone Newsletter
4 Sep 2007 CodeGear JGear videos
Watch or Download short videos demonstrating CodeGear’s new JGear plug-in products for Eclipse.
David Intersimone Video
3 Sep 2007 developerWorks: An introduction to Eclipse for Visual Studio users
Eclipse is a new world for Microsoft® Visual Studio® developers, and getting started with Eclipse can be confusing. New concepts, such as plug-in architecture, workspace-centric project structure, and automatic build can seem counterintuitive at first. Learn about these and other differences between the two environments, so that you can begin to feel at home with Eclipse.
David Intersimone Article
31 Aug 2007 Using JGear Team Client
Charles Overbeck shows the Team Client JGear in action
Anders Ohlsson Video
31 Aug 2007 Using JGear Team Server
Karl Ewald shows JGear Team Server running in MyEclipse
Anders Ohlsson Video
31 Aug 2007 Using JGear Performance
Abe Tewari and Atsushi Hasegawa show the Performance JGear in action
Anders Ohlsson Video
31 Aug 2007 Using JGear LiveSource
Lata Amujuri shows the LiveSource JGear in action
Anders Ohlsson Video
31 Aug 2007 Installing a JGear into Eclipse using the update manager
Karl Ewald (R&D) shows how to install a JGear into Eclipse
Anders Ohlsson Video
28 Aug 2007 JBuilder 2007: Installing updates from Help | Software Updates
Explanation of why you may not want to use the Eclipse update tool in JBuilder 2007.
Christopher Moeller Article
24 Aug 2007 CodeGear JBuilder 2007 Testing Using JUnit: A Simple Example
JUnit testing article with simple example
Doug Thiele Contributed Article
20 Aug 2007 CodeGear Developer Network (CDN) Newsletter - August 2007 edition
CodeGear (from Borland) Developer Network (CDN) News is an email newsletter for members of the CodeGear Developer Network. The August 2007 edition highlights the JBuilder product roadmap, JGear, first look at Highlander, and CodeGear video competition.
David Intersimone Newsletter
20 Aug 2007 CodeGear video competition - video entries list
Check out the CodeGear video competition entries from community members. You can help choose the winning entries by using YouTube to watch the videos, rate them, favorite them, and recommend them to friends and community members.
David Intersimone Article
14 Aug 2007 JBuilder Roadmap and JGears Community Chat Replay
An in-depth discussion on JBuilder and JGears with Joe McGlynn
Anders Ohlsson Video
14 Aug 2007 JGear Technical Resources
This page contains content related to JGear
Christopher Moeller Article
13 Aug 2007 CodeGear™ announces new JGear™ Eclipse plug-ins
To address key Java development challenges, CodeGear announces three new Eclipse tool plug-ins to help Java developers increase performance and productivity on Eclipse and open-source tooling.
David Intersimone Press Release
8 Aug 2007 CodeGear European Developer Days July 2007 - The Replays
C++Builder, Delphi 2007 for Win32, Delphi for PHP, JBuilder and Ruby technical sessions
Anders Ohlsson Video

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