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7 Oct 1999 Debugger/Source-Code Synchronization
Explanation of why the debugger can appear to be "off" when looking at the source code.
Josh Fletcher FAQ
7 Oct 1999 Non-Debuggable lines?
Why does the JBuilder debugger indicate that a line in my source file can't be debugged?
Josh Fletcher FAQ
7 Oct 1999 Why do I need to recompile my 3rd party Libraries?
Explanation of the problem when JBuilder 3 says that your 3rd party Libraries must be recompiled.
Josh Fletcher TI
7 Oct 1999 Adding Documentation to JBuilder 3 - Windows Edition
Adding dcumentation to JBuilder 3 - Windows Edition for 3rd party Libraries and user created classes.
Josh Fletcher FAQ
7 Oct 1999 JBuilder 3 - Windows Edition: Debugging JDK 1.1.8 on a machine with a modem
Problems Debugging JDK 1.1.8 with JBuilder 3 - Windows Edition on a system that uses a modem to connect to the Internet.
Josh Fletcher FAQ
7 Oct 1999 Compiler does not ignore "\u" characters inside comments
Why the JBuilder 3 compiler does not ignore "\u" characters inside comments.
Josh Fletcher FAQ
8 Oct 1999 What is the JBuilder Just-in-Time Compiler?
A Just-in-Time compiler (JIT) works like a cache. When a Java method is executed often enough, the JIT compiles the machine independent Java byte code that is loaded from the class file into x86 machine code.
David Intersimone Article
8 Oct 1999 Adding a Library in JBuilder 3 - Windows Edition
How to add a Library in JBuilder 3 - Windows Edition.
Josh Fletcher FAQ
1 Nov 1999 Changing JBuilder 3 - Windows Edition Help font size.
How to change the JBuilder 3 - Windows Edition Help system font size if the provided option does not work.
Josh Fletcher FAQ
4 Nov 1999 Can't debug under non-1.2 JDK's in JBuilder 3
JBuilder 3 workaround for non-JDK 1.2 debugging problem when the default target JDK has been changed.
Josh Fletcher FAQ
22 Nov 1999 JBuilder 2007 and Open Source development
Take conrol of your Java development with velocity, balance, and confidence
julie wider Article
22 Nov 1999 Take control of your Eclipse development
Learn about JBuilder 2007
julie wider Article
30 Nov 1999 A Call To Arms
BeGroovy, a BeOS user community,presents a Call To Arms for Borland Tools
John Ray Thomas Article
2 Dec 1999 How to change the Block indent of generated code
How to get to and change the setting for "Block Indent"
Shane Hausle FAQ
2 Dec 1999 How do I add snippets to the Gallery
The gallary is the dialog box that appears after selecting File | New
Shane Hausle FAQ
2 Dec 1999 How to do a Block indent of selected code in the editor
The hot keys used for this feature.
Shane Hausle FAQ
8 Dec 1999 When I run JBuilder Foundation 3.0 I get an "Out of environment space" error
How to set the environment space under Windows 9x
8 Dec 1999 Inprise Releases Free Cross-Platform Java Development Tool
Inprise announces the availability of JBuilder 3 Foundation, a cross platform development environment for creating Java 2 platform-based applications for Linux, the Solaris Operating Environment, and Windows NT.
David Intersimone Article
9 Dec 1999 Inside JBuilder 3 Foundation Edition
A quick chat with Inprise/Borland chief scientist and JBuilder architect Blake Stone. By J.D. Hildebrand.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
10 Dec 1999 JBuilder 3 Foundation Edition Article Series by Mr.Haki - Article 1
Hubert A. Klein Ikkink, aka Mr.Haki, wouldn't be much of a webmaster if he hadn't downloaded JBuilder 3 Foundation Edition already to play with it and get a first impression. And he's now preparing a number of papers about it.
David Intersimone Article

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