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7 Aug 2000 "Live at the Borland Conference" with Bruce Eckel Chat Transcript from July 11, 2000
Complete transcript from the live chat held on July 11, 2000 at the Borland Conference with noted C++ and Java expert and author, Bruce Eckel.
Christine Ellis Article
12 Apr 2004 A Gentle Introduction to Generics in Java by Charlie Calvert
Read a gentle introduction to the basic facts about an exciting new feature found in the Java 1.5 beta. Formerly generics were only available to C++ and Python programmers. Now Java has them too!
Charlie Calvert Contributed Article
15 Dec 2003 Adapting the JTree component
JTrees when used wisely and precisely can be very fruitful. An MDI application that adapts the JTree components to represent a recursive relationship between goals is presented
Islam El-maddah Contributed Article
31 Oct 2001 Although I set the text property of jdbCheckBox to null or empty string, jdbCheckBox shows the column name in text when running the project
jdbCheckBox shows the column name in text although I set the text property to null or empty string
hong zhao FAQ
13 Mar 2000 Announcing the March Programming Contest
The March programming contests for CBuilder, Delphi and JBuilder have been announced. Learn about the latest ways to win prizes by sharing your expertise in game and web programming.
Charles Calvert Article
27 Feb 2001 AWT vs Swing
A brief comparison of Swing and the AWT when used for GUI developement.
Josh Fletcher TI
23 Nov 2004 BDNradio: Chat log of live chat with Christian Kemper and Mark Howe on JBuilder 2005 productivity features
Christian, JBuilder Architect, and Mark, Senior R&D engineer, provide great, in-depth internal knowledge of JBuilder 2005's productivity features
John Kaster Video
30 Jun 2005 BDNradio: Java One kick-off with Borland CTO Pat Kerpan
Listen to the replay of the live chat with Pat Kerpan and hear about a wide variety of technologies he's tracking
John Kaster Audio
30 Jun 2005 BDNRadio: Replay of live interview on the Eclipse GMF project
Listen to the replay of the interview with Rich Gronback
John Kaster Video
17 Dec 2004 BDNtv: New refactorings in JBuilder 2005
Watch this episode to see the new refactorings that are available in JBuilder 2005
John Kaster Video
2 May 2001 Borland Enterprise Studio - Java Edition: Problems registering Rose Modeler
What to do if you're having problems registering Rational Rose modeler.
Josh Fletcher FAQ
16 Jul 2006 Borland Together positioned in the leaders quadrant of Gartner's Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Tools Report
Borland announced that it has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the leaders quadrant of its Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA&D) Tools, 2H06 to 1H07 Magic Quadrant report.
David Intersimone Press Release
31 Jan 2000 calling from a .dll using Java and JNI
Basic JNI example: making a Win32 API call
Luke Dickman TI
31 May 2002 Can Optimizeit remote profile JSPs running in a application/web server?
Understanding how JSPs operate.
Christopher Moeller FAQ
8 Mar 2005 Computerworld - Steps for writing trusted applications
This article discusses using hardware to combat threats against computers using the open specification created by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG).
David Intersimone Article
8 Jun 2000 CRN: Sun's big brains forecast computing's future
Embedded systems, wireless applications in store for Java.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
1 Mar 2002 Cup of coffee for dolphins. Part I
Java for Delphi programmers. This part describes basic Java instructions compared to Delphi.
Piotr Gawronski Contributed Article
18 Jul 2000 Debugging under JDK 1.3 is slow in JBuilder 3.5
This document provides steps on how to improve the performance of the debugger.
Fred Monasterio FAQ
18 Jan 2000 Deploying JBuilder Applications by Dana Kaufman
Developing Java applications with JBuilder is a breeze, but there could be hidden obstacles when actually deploying these programs to the end user. This article will cover the building and deployment of Java applications with JBuilder.
David Intersimone Article
28 Oct 2002 Description of the Build Phases in JBuilder 7
Understanding the JBuilder 7 build system
Christopher Moeller TI

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