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8 Nov 1999 Writing J2EE Enterprise Applications
A tutorial introducing the APIs, tools, and services provided in the J2EE Reference Implementation.
David Intersimone Article
8 Nov 1999 Introduction to the J2EE Architecture
A high-level view of the architecture, its elements, and purpose.
David Intersimone Article
8 Dec 1999 Inprise announces availability of Inprise Application Server 4.0 and VisiBroker for Java 4.0
Inprise Corporation, today announced the shipment and immediate availability of the Inprise Application Server 4.0 and VisiBroker for Java 4.0, its Object Request Broker (ORB).
David Intersimone Article
1 Feb 2000 COM, CORBA and EJB: Elegant integration using Inprise Application Server 4.0
This article will give you a clear understanding of how easy it is for software supporting COM to access CORBA objects, including Enterprise JavaBeans hosted in the Inprise Application Server.
David Intersimone Article
21 Nov 2000 Kylix and JBuilder Notes from Linux Business Expo
Some pictures and press links from Linux Business Expo November 13 - 17, 2000 at COMDEX, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
John Kaster Article
12 Dec 2002 eWeek 12/12/2002 - Borland JDataStore Blazes in Benchmark
An article in eWeek has highlighted the excellent cost/performance ratio of Borlands Enterprise Server and JDataStore database.
David Intersimone Article
26 May 2003 Microsoft and Borland Webcasts
Microsoft and Borland present Borland solutions for the Microsoft .NET framework
John Kaster Article
19 Jan 2005 New BDN feature: Community Calendar
EventCentral is a free web-based calendar of worldwide events
John Kaster Article
16 Nov 2000 JBuilder 4 Enterprise: How do I enable my Enterprise features, like EJB and CORBA?
How to enable the JBuilder 4 Enterprise features.
Josh Fletcher FAQ
6 Dec 2000 JBuilder 4 Enterprise: Error: "java2iiop: fatal error: internal problem; contact Inprise Customer Support"
What to try if you receive this error when generating stubs for your EJB.
Josh Fletcher FAQ
30 Jan 2001 IAS under RedHat 6.2 Linux requires Korn Shell to launch scripts
Korn Shell required for use of certain IAS tools
Christopher Moeller FAQ
27 Feb 2001 Which WebLogic Service Pack is officially supported with JBuilder 4 Enterprise?
Link to the supported WebLogic Service Pack for JBuilder 4 Enterprise
Christopher Moeller FAQ
10 Apr 2001 JBuilder 4 Enterprise: JBuilder 4 does not stop at breakpoints after REDEPLOYING a bean in WebLogic
What to do if JBuilder 4 does not stop at breakpoints after REDEPLOYING a bean in WebLogic.
Josh Fletcher FAQ
31 Aug 2001 Using JBuilder 5 with WebSphere 3.5 on a Wizard generated EJB produces errors related to the file admin.config. How is this resolved?
Resolving Error: java.io.FileNotFoundException: /WebSphere/AppServer/bin/admin.config
Christopher Moeller FAQ
31 Aug 2001 Is there a workaround to allow the WebLogic 6 deployment descriptor xml file (weblogic-ejb-jar.xml) to not be regenerated?
Workaround for preserving changes to the WebLogic 6 deployment descriptor xml file.
Christopher Moeller FAQ
30 Oct 2001 Why does the Entity Bean Modeler Wizard fail to complete but instead throws an exception?
Resolving "Exception occurred during event dispatching: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/borland/jdbcx/common/ConnectionPanel"
Christopher Moeller FAQ
12 Dec 2001 WebSphere integration in JBuilder6 requires DB2
A simple workaround for the DB2 requirement of JBuilder6's WebSphere integration
John Frazier FAQ
28 Dec 2001 Can JBuilder convert EJB 1.X projects to the EJB 2.0 specification?
Migrating EJB 1.X source code to EJB 2.0 using the EJB Designer
Christopher Moeller FAQ
28 Dec 2001 Why are certain Properties shown in the DD Editor in red after selecting the default values?
Workaround for issue caused in the DD Editor after generating the CMP Properties
Christopher Moeller FAQ
9 Jan 2002 Why does this error message appear when running wizard generated EJB?
Configuring BES in JBuilder 6
Christopher Moeller FAQ

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