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26 Jul 2006 Crystal Reports Viewer with User Provided Parameters
The Crystal documentation for using parameters within reports is very misleading, and at times incorrect. I've managed to get parameters working fine with Crystal reports, and would like to share how I did that with the rest of the JBuilder community.
Peter Fowler Contributed Article
23 May 2005 Did you know that Crystal Reports is in JBuilder 2005?
Join the Business Objects product team on this webcast
Anders Ohlsson Article
19 Dec 2003 Crystal Reports for Borland JBuilder Tutorial
Embedding the Crystal Reports Java viewer in your JSP pages
Crystal Decisions White Paper
20 Nov 2003 Embedding reports within JBuilder web application projects
With the recent addition of embedded reporting to the JBuilder X feature-set, it is now possible to process and render industry-standard report templates within your JavaServer Pages (JSPs).
Crystal Decisions White Paper
19 Nov 2003 Press Release: Crystal Decisions Reporting Technology Within Reach of Borland JBuilder Developers
Crystal Reports empowers Java developers to build business applications with award winning reporting tools
Tim Del Chiaro Article
11 Apr 2003 JReport for DataExpress
Using JReport to generate reports from DataExpress componets such as a QueryDataSet
Steven Shaughnessy FAQ
9 Apr 2003 Reporting for DataExpress DataSet components
Reporting solutions for DataExpress DataSet components
Steven Shaughnessy FAQ
28 Sep 2001 Why does the Print method of a JdbTable only print out a partial set of data from the dataset?
JdbTable is a container that displays a portion of data from the dataset, but is not the dataset itself.
Christopher Moeller FAQ

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