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30 Jun 2003 Locking a record against deletion.
How to ensure that a record is not deleted from a table.
Ben Matterson FAQ
13 Jun 2003 InterBase 7.1 DataType to InterClient 4.0 Type mappings
Datatype bindings between InterBase and Java types
Aaron Ruddick TI
7 Feb 2001 Default values which do not match the datatype of field cause errors on insert
"arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation error" or "conversion error" errors can occur.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
6 Dec 2000 How to insert new lines into external files
Batch Move is the simplest. A simple Delphi example as well.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
24 Jul 2000 What is the segment size and sub type of a blob?
The segment size determines the length of the data being sent. The sub type descrbes the contents of the blob.
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 How to calculate the age from a date field
A computed column can show the age
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Embedding a carriage return into a column
Exporting an internal table to a text file requires that a 'newline' column contain a carriage return.
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Copying data from InterBase to Paradox table
There are a couple of ways of accomplishing this task.
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Problem with External Files and InterBase version 5.x
At some point in time my external files got messed up. When I select data from them it comes back all jarbled and mis-aligned.
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Length of Column Names in InterBase Tables
The length of a column name, and a table name, and the names of most metadata objects, is limited to 31 characters.
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Computing the length of a table's row
Query and stored procedure to print the length of a row
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 How to copy an InterBase table's structure to a new table
EXtract the meta data for the table to get the create statement
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Can I alter the the data type of primary key on a table?
You must recreate the table
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Table Backversions - How to Determine
Backversions may be determined by querying the RDB$RELATIONS table
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 When to use CHAR and VARCHAR
Use CHAR only for strings whose length you know to to be fixed.
Borland Staff FAQ

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