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7 Aug 2013 The Cave Man's Delphi-PRISM Translation Primer
Here's what I learned about translating a big Delphi project to PRISM. Mostly it's mapping between common Delphi syntax and PRISM equivalents, and if there is no equivalent, some alternatives are presented. It's a quick-and-dirty, shoot-from-the-hip white paper, but hopefully it gets some ideas across, some of the things I have learned. [Authored by Shawn Charland]
Christopher Moeller White Paper
7 Feb 2011 Using Delphi Prism XE to Develop for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
Programming expert Brian Long takes you through developing iPhone application using Delphi Prism
Calvin Tang White Paper
8 Feb 2010 White Paper: Developing for Mono with Delphi Prism
Create applications with Delphi Prism and target Mac OS X and Linux
Tim DelChiaro White Paper

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