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Hi, I'm David Intersimone "David I", Borland's Vice President of Developer Relations and Chief Evangelist. Welcome to the Borland Developer Network (BDN).

Borland is celebrating its 20th year in business. Throughout the year we'll be celebrating that, at Borland, "Excellence Endures". InterBase is a product that embodies this idea. It's innovative technology, rock solid reliability, and high performance has earned it a rabid following of developers and users around the world.

Borland provides a wide variety of information to help developers achieve their goals with InterBase. These include white papers by the InterBase engineering staff, papers contributed by customers and speakers from Borland Conferences, TI's with step-by-step tutorials, hundreds and hundreds of FAQs, and much more...

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30 May 2002 U.S. Ambassador to Singapore speaks at the official opening of Borland's Asia/Pacific headquarters.
The following are remarks made by the U.S. Ambassador to Singapore, at today's event marking our official opening of Borland's Asia/Pacific headquarters office in Singapore.
David Intersimone Article
14 Jun 2002 Borland enters the Software Development Hall of Fame
At the 12th Annual Software Development Jolt and Productivity awards, Borland was inducted into the Hall of Fame
John Kaster Article
14 Jun 2002 Fast Company: Borland Software, Back in the Black
Fast Company features Borland and Dale Fuller in Borland's "comeback" story
John Kaster Article
17 Jun 2002 Sip from The Firehose: June 17, 2002 - A great way to e-Learn
I'm often asked, "What is the best way to learn about ...?" The answers are many - books, courses, trial and error, etc. One great way to learn about our products and programming is to use the Borland eLearning series.
David Intersimone Article
25 Jul 2002 InterBase® Workbench version 1.3.1 available
Upscene Productions has released a new version of InterBase® Workbench, a popular tool for for InterBase database engines.
Borland Developer Support Article
10 Oct 2002 InterBase administration tool EMS QuickDesk V. 2.8 released
EMS QuickDesk provides effective and powerful tools for InterBase administration
Borland Staff Article
31 Oct 2002 Be a Speaker at BorCon 2003 in San Jose, California
Answer the "Call for Papers" for the Borland Conference scheduled for November 1-5, 2003 and have your way paid to the conference as a speaker.
John Kaster Article
4 Nov 2002 Sip from the Firehose: October 31, 2002 - Short Computer Books I've Enjoyed
There are so many great computer books and so little time to read them all. What I really love are the short books, the focused books with low page counts.
David Intersimone Article
27 Jan 2003 InterBase 7.0 Trial Technical Specifications
Capabilites of the InterBase 7.0 Trial version.
Brad Asmus Article
28 Jan 2003 InterBase 7.0 Trial Available
Download the InterBase 7.0 Trial Version.
Brad Asmus Article
28 Jan 2003 Sip From The Firehose: January 28, 2003 - 2002: The year In review
David I takes a look back at 2002, a year where Borland shipped new products, made important acquisitions, and continued its revenue growth and profitability.
David Intersimone Article
31 Jan 2003 Fast teams and the story of Borland
The "Speed" ad campaign
Anders Ohlsson Article
31 Jan 2003 Borland Rolls Out Branding Effort
Scott Van Camp's article in Technology Marketing
Anders Ohlsson Article
18 Feb 2003 Sip From The Firehose: February 18, 2003 - A message from Borland to developers
We've begun an advertising campaign targeted at executives in charge of development. The topic? Borlands new application lifecycle studio of products.
David Intersimone Article
21 Feb 2003 Billboard banners
Two recent Borland billboard ads
Anders Ohlsson Article
27 Feb 2003 Public beta: Quality Central browser client
The QualityCentral web client public beta has started. You are welcome to participate.
John Kaster Article
10 Mar 2003 Upscene Productions releases Database Workbench, an InterBase database engine developer tool.
Database Workbench is a powerful tool to help in developing database applications.
Borland Staff Article
17 Mar 2003 Sip From The Firehose: March 17, 2003 - Take the Borland Developer Network (BDN) survey
Help make sure that Borland continues to provide the kinds of products, services and support that you count on us for. Take the 2003 BDN survey.
David Intersimone Article
20 Mar 2003 METAspectrum evaluation of Java IDEs
JBuilder is the leader
Anders Ohlsson Article
21 Mar 2003 News Digest - Update for Borland Customers
An analyst news digest for Borland Customers
Anders Ohlsson Article

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