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Technical Articles


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12 Nov 1999 Top stories
Daily news summary for 12 November 1999. By Lisa A. Sandford.
Lisa A. Sandford Article
12 Nov 1999 The SOAP solution
Remote object calls across the enterprise or Internet can be a dirty business, but the Simple Object Access Protocol may be just the solution. By John White.
John White Article
12 Nov 1999 Surfing's up!
A recent report shows that most employees are conducting personal business on the Internet at work. By Kevin D. Weeks.
Kevin D. Weeks Article
12 Nov 1999 Know thy users
One of the 10 commandments of user interface design has got to be "Know thy users for they are not you." This is not an easy commandment to follow. By Constance Petersen.
Constance Petersen Article
12 Nov 1999 How to avoid "Random" Exceptions being raised when using TJPEGImage or the JPEG unit.
Sometimes when I try to load a JPEG into a TImage, I get an exception message even when I thought I caught it.
Corbin Dunn FAQ
11 Nov 1999 Is the bandwagon rolling?
There's a lot of industry support for XML and it seems to have huge momentum. But if the tires are flat it's going nowhere. By Kevin D. Weeks.
Kevin D. Weeks Article
11 Nov 1999 Giving start-ups a boost
Sun Microsystems has launched two new programs aimed at helping high-tech entrepreneurs get up and running -- fast. By Lisa A. Sandford.
Lisa A. Sandford Article
11 Nov 1999 The road ahead
Judge Jackson's findings of fact show Microsoft in serious trouble. Where do you want to be tomorrow? By Jeff Russell.
Jeff Russell Article
11 Nov 1999 When memory fails
Great programmers rely on books to learn new concepts and techniques. But they also return to fundamental references time and again as they work. By Steve Downey.
Steve Downey Article
11 Nov 1999 Top stories
Daily news summary for 11 November 1999. By Karen Blenkner.
Karen Blenker Article
11 Nov 1999 Creating a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Viewer Using Delphi 5's ADOExpress
Scott Strool, of Inprise Corporation, shows how you can use Delphi 5's new ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) Express to access a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
David Intersimone Article
10 Nov 1999 Top stories -- special SD'99 East edition
Daily news summary for 10 November 1999. By Bob Arnson.
Lisa A. Sandford Article
10 Nov 1999 Touring the SD East expo
It's a tough job: Tour the SD expo the day it opens, dodging food stands and avoiding marketroids while still trying to find out what's new and interesting -- all while filing this report before midnight. By Bob Arnson.
Bob Arnson Article
10 Nov 1999 10 tips for technical leaders
Management guru Larry Constantine offers leadership advice to developers at SD'99 East. By Bob Arnson.
Bob Arnson Article
10 Nov 1999 Grokking properties
It's one thing to know about properties and another to genuinely own the concept and understand its usefulness. By Marco Canty.
Marco Canty Article
10 Nov 1999 Born to code
There's something thrilling about casting yourself into a tough programming problem with no tools but your wits. By J.D. Hildebrand.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
9 Nov 1999 Smart object-management saves the day
Learn how to reduce program overhead and improve performance by controlling object creation and garbage collection by Dennis M. Sosnoski, JavaWorld.com
David Intersimone Article
9 Nov 1999 Top stories
Daily news summary for 9 November 1999. By Barbara Stefaney.
Barbara Stefaney Article
9 Nov 1999 After the findings
<i>Developer News </i>interviewed several developers to get their take on the recent findings in the Microsoft antitrust case. By Lisa A. Sandford.
Lisa A. Sandford Article
9 Nov 1999 Hit parade
Don't judge a Web site's popularity by the number of hits it receives. By Jim Kyle.
Jim Kyle Article

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