Webinar On Demand: Mac Development for the Windows C++ Developer

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Expert webinar with Microsoft MVP Dan Wahlin

 Create Windows and Mac OS X applications using a single C++ codebase - Watch Now

Are you a Windows C++ developer who needs to create Mac OS X applications?

Mac Development for the Windows C++ Developer

AppleInsider reports that Mac OS X business sales grew to a massive 50.9% at the end of 2011 proving more than ever that Apple is invading the enterprise.

How can you reach this growing Mac OS X market using your Visual C++ or Windows C++ programming skills?

Watch this free on-demand webinar with Microsoft MVP, Dan Wahlin, and Embarcadero Director of Product Management, John Thomas, to learn how you can use your Windows C++ programming skills to create applications for Mac OS X from a single codebase.

Watch the webinar on-demand - just fill out a quick form to access the video

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