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Technical Articles


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23 Sep 2013 David I Keynote at Zend Conference 2013
In this Zend Confernce 2013 keynote, David Intersimone, “David I”, will take developers on a tour of the smart/intelligent sensor/device world and the opportunities for developers to create applications for next generation desktop computers, 2-in-1 devices, smart phones and devices of all types, shapes and sizes.
Tim DelChiaro Article
23 Sep 2013 Delphi Developer Days 2013 plus a Mobile Development Workshop in London: December 4 - 6 2013
Register to attend this special event in London with Bob Swart and Cary Jensen
Tim DelChiaro Article
19 Sep 2013 iOS 7 Style Update for Delphi XE5 and RAD Studio XE5
New update provides iOS 7 style support at design time and runtime
Tim DelChiaro Article
17 Sep 2013 What's new in Delphi XE5
See what's new in Delphi XE5 including new features for true native Android and iOS app development
Tim DelChiaro Article
11 Sep 2013 What's New in C++Builder XE5
See what's new in C++Builder XE5 including new REST Client support and integrated FireDAC data access
Tim DelChiaro Article
11 Sep 2013 Fix list for RAD Studio XE5
List of customer reported issues from QualityCentral that were fixed in this new version
Tim DelChiaro Article
11 Sep 2013 RAD Studio XE5 MacinCloud Setup Video Tutorial
Learn how to set up MacinCloud access in RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE5
Tim DelChiaro Article
11 Sep 2013 RAD Studio XE5 Additional Terms and Conditions for Optional Software Installs
License info for Android SDK, Java and FastReport
Tim DelChiaro Article
11 Sep 2013 Embarcadero® RAD Studio XE5 Software License and Support Terms (EULA)
End user license agreement for Delphi XE5, C++Builder XE5 and RAD Studio XE5
Tim DelChiaro Article
6 Sep 2013 RAD Studio in Action LIVE! (Johannesburg & Nairobi)
Android & IOS Exclusive Technical Preview Event - Last Chance to Register
Tim DelChiaro Article
4 Sep 2013 Android and iOS Meet & Eat in Southern California Next Week
See Android and iOS true native apps built from a single codebase wtih RAD Studio and Delphi XE5
Tim DelChiaro Article
2 Sep 2013 Participate in the 2013 InterBase Survey
Give your input on what you want in InterBase and enhancements that are important to you
Tim DelChiaro Article
28 Aug 2013 Where is speed: Or, In, CharInSet?
Choose your way of search of characters.
Pavel Alhymov Contributed Article
20 Aug 2013 Android and iOS Exclusive Tech Preview Events - US and Canada
Join us for a meal and an exclusive session where you will learn how to move from desktop to mobile development delivering true native Android and iOS apps
Tim DelChiaro Article
19 Aug 2013 Be a part of the 2013 Worldwide Mobile App Development Survey
A worldwide survey of application developers, executed by Dimensional Research, will be published early next month
Tim DelChiaro Article
16 Aug 2013 CodeRage 8 Delphi Call for Papers
CodeRage 8 is coming in October. Pre-register now or be a presenter.
Tim DelChiaro Article
7 Aug 2013 The Cave Man's Delphi-PRISM Translation Primer
Here's what I learned about translating a big Delphi project to PRISM. Mostly it's mapping between common Delphi syntax and PRISM equivalents, and if there is no equivalent, some alternatives are presented. It's a quick-and-dirty, shoot-from-the-hip white paper, but hopefully it gets some ideas across, some of the things I have learned. [Authored by Shawn Charland]
Christopher Moeller White Paper
7 Aug 2013 Embarcadero Database NewsFlash - August 2013
Data Governance, Visual SQL Tuning, Data Modeling and More!
Tim DelChiaro Article
6 Aug 2013 Upgrade offer for v2009 and earlier users of Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio
Get XE4 with 1 year Support and Maintenance for a special price. Limited time.
Tim DelChiaro Article
6 Aug 2013 New User Offer on Delphi XE4 and RAD Studio XE4
Limited time offer ends August 31, 2013
Tim DelChiaro Article

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