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Technical Articles


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Deepak Shenoy
18 Apr 2002 Use ADO.NET datasets in Delphi
Learn how to use ADO.NET datasets in Delphi, using XML mapper to transform XML across the platforms. Demonstrated using a .NET web service and Delphi client.
Deepak Shenoy Contributed Article
17 Oct 2001 Run your project without debug info
These four lines of code enable an undocumented menu item that lets you run your project without switching to debug mode. By Deepak Shenoy.
Deepak Shenoy Contributed Article
12 Sep 2000 Writing an Infotip shell extension in Delphi
Hovering over a file in Explorer brings up a "hint" window. The Infotip shell extension allows you to customize the text displayed. Deepak Shenoy shows you how it's done.
Deepak Shenoy Article
Sudesh Shetty
4 Sep 2003 Borland InterBase Events
A description of the events function in InterBase and how to use it to broadcast alerts as the result of a change in an InterBase database.
Sudesh Shetty White Paper
Eddie Shipman
7 Oct 2004 Undocumented MessageBoxTimeOut function
Describes usage of undocumented MessageBoxTimeout function from user32.dll
Eddie Shipman Contributed Article
Todd Shoemaker
27 Sep 2001 Why Linux?
Linux offers many features that are of value to Delphi developers. This article highlights some of the features that genuinely distinguish Linux from Windows. By Todd Shoemaker.
Todd Shoemaker Contributed Article
Anuranjan Singh
1 Nov 2001 Configuring JDKs and Choosing target JDK for your project.
explains how JDKs are treated in JBuilder and how you can add a target JDK for a project and configure JBuilder to remember several different JDKs that you can choose to build against
Anuranjan Singh FAQ
Ken Sipe
12 Oct 2005 Managing Change through OOAD by Ken Sipe
Understanding the behavior of objects and answering tough questions like what is the likelihood of change? are critical in designing applications that will last longer than the first vision.
Ken Sipe Contributed Article
Alexey Solofnenko
17 Dec 2001 Running Tomcat from the JBuilder IDE without specifying Tomcat's full path.
Everybody is talking about zero administration. The article describes how to make Web projects location-insensitive so programmers can run and debug Tomcat apps from any path from JBuilder. By Alexey N. Solofnenko.
Alexey Solofnenko Contributed Article
Ricardo Sosa
8 Apr 2009 Introducción a Rave Reports - Parte I: reportes basados en código
Esto es una introducción a Rave Reports. La parte I describe cómo trabajar con reportes basados en código
Ricardo Sosa Contributed Article
8 Apr 2009 Introducción a Rave Reports - Parte II: diseñador visual
Esto es una introducción a Rave Reports. La parte II describe cómo trabajar con el diseñador visual
Ricardo Sosa Contributed Article
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8 Aug 2000 C++Builder Basics: Tutorial for Creating and Using a Static Library in C++Builder
Provides source code and a step-by-step procedure for creating and using a static library
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Conference Speaker
5 Nov 2003 Optimization III: Selecting and Configuring InterBase Server Hardware
The third part of a three-session series on optimization of InterBase applications, this session explains which hardware will give your InterBase server the most bang for your buck? Benchmarking will be used to identify and overcome hardware bottlenecks.
Conference Speaker White Paper
5 Nov 2003 Optimization II: Optimizing InterBase SQL and Metadata
The second part of a three-session series on optimization of InterBase applications, this session explains how to tune SQL statements and metadata design for maximum performance.
Conference Speaker White Paper
4 Nov 2003 Optimization I: Optimizing InterBase Applications
This session is part of a three-part series on creating high-performance systems using InterBase as the database back end.
Conference Speaker White Paper
21 May 2002 Converting Paradox and dBASE Applications to InterBase
This session shows how to convert an application built with Paradox tables to InterBase. How to convert browsing Locate, FindKey, SetRange, RecordCount, RecNo, and datasets are covered using an actual application.
Conference Speaker White Paper
20 May 2002 Overview of InterBase JDBC Connectivity
This session paper discusses the JDBC Class 4 driver for InterBase. It consists of demonstrations of different connectivity scenerios and a general overview of how to use the driver.
Conference Speaker White Paper
25 Jul 2001 Maximizing Performance of Delphi/C++Builder/InterBase Applictions
This paper will present some tips to help you with getting better performance from your Delphi/C++Builder/InterBase system.
Conference Speaker White Paper
25 Jul 2001 InterBaseExpress: Tips and Tricks
InterBase Express (IBX) is a set of data access components that provide a means of building applications with Delphi 5/6 and C++ Builder that can access, administer, monitor, and run the InterBase Services on InterBase databases.
Conference Speaker White Paper
24 Jul 2001 InterBase Installation & Deployment Options
This paper discuss the various options available for installing InterBase, including using the Installation API, TIBInstall, the Borland Setup.exe package, and various other installation packages.
Conference Speaker White Paper

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