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Justin Swett
28 Jun 2001 My console application generates a Runtime Error when it starts for no apparent reason.
How to get rid of the runtime I/O error 6 from my console application.
Justin Swett FAQ
17 May 2001 How to retrieve the position of the cursor.
Use GetCursorPos to get the position of the mouse
Justin Swett FAQ
15 May 2001 How to get UpdateMode to work for TQuery on a SQL Server 7.0 table.
Setting UpdateMode to UpWhereKeyOnly doesn't work.
Justin Swett FAQ
29 Mar 2001 Custom installation of Interbase 6.0
My installer for Interbase 6.0 gets an error during installation, "Unable to Copy File".
Justin Swett FAQ
12 Feb 2001 Use the Windows API to generate a list of available Network Resources.
Using WNetOpenEnum and WNetEnumerate to get a list of the computer names from Network Neighborhood?
Justin Swett TI
30 Jan 2001 Reaching upper limit on metadata versioning produces error "-607 too many versions."
After I have created a database I get an error of too many metadata versions?
Justin Swett FAQ
31 Aug 2000 Auto Increment Fields in a ClientDataSet
Using an aggregate to auto increment a local dataset with a TClientDataSet component.
Justin Swett FAQ
9 Aug 2000 Error: "Type mismatch"
Type mismatch error is generated when using Oracle table.
Justin Swett FAQ
Michael Swindell
11 May 2005 New Borland Delphi Survey
Your opportunity to provide feedback directly to the Delphi team
Michael Swindell Article
24 Sep 2004 Diamondback Preview License Update
A license update for Diamondback that does not require an NDA or Beta Agreement
Michael Swindell Article
Lino Tadros
12 Apr 2004 .NET USERGROUP in the Bay Area!
Join us every 3rd Wednesday of every month to learn about .NET technologies in Santa Clara, CA starting April 21st. Register today for FREE!
Lino Tadros Contributed Article
31 Dec 2003 Busy not doing the dishes - by Noel Rice
Noel demonstrates the ability of Delphi 8 in working with Managed DirectX 9.x with the same ease as C# and VB.NET under the .NET Framework.
Lino Tadros Contributed Article
17 Aug 2003 Installing .NET Components into C#Builder using ToolsAPI - by Alain "Lino" Tadros
This article will explain the preferred method of installing .NET components into the C#Builder IDE using the Open Tools API.
Lino Tadros Contributed Article
28 Jul 2003 Business Objects for .NET Remoting using C#Builder - by Lino Tadros
This article will discuss the 3 different ways of architecting Business Objects for .NET Remoting systems without having to deploy any of its code to its client applications.
Lino Tadros Contributed Article
4 Feb 2003 Metadata.NET - by Noel Rice
This article will show the capability of requesting information from .NET providers at runtime and deal with Databases, Table, Fields, constraints, Index and data Types.
Lino Tadros Contributed Article
21 Jan 2003 .NET Remoting - by Alain "Lino" Tadros
This article will explain and demonstrate the .NET Remoting framework and build Remotable Objects, Hosting servers and Clients to exercise the different activation models.
Lino Tadros Contributed Article
2 Jan 2003 Write your own Reflector - by Alain "Lino" Tadros
Want to write your own "ILDASM" or ".NET Reflector", start here by seeing how easy it is to get Runtime Type Information from .NET Assemblies.
Lino Tadros Contributed Article
14 Dec 2002 DotNet Buzz Words Explained - by Alain "Lino" Tadros
This article will explain the different buzz words in the DotNet world like CTS, CLS, VES, Managed Code, Managed Data, Unmanaged Code, Assemblies, Metadata, Manifest, Strong Names, etc....
Lino Tadros Contributed Article
20 Nov 2002 CLR, startup your engines! - by Alain "Lino" Tadros
The Common Language Runtime is the solid rock on which the .NET Framework was built. From it's many features, we start with one that defines the way CLR starts .NET applications.
Lino Tadros Contributed Article
5 Nov 2002 Welcome to Caught in the .NET - By Alain "Lino" Tadros
Welcome to "Caught in the .NET" series of articles, my goal is to introduce myself and set the stage and expectation for the next few months of reading these series of articles.
Lino Tadros Contributed Article

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