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Technical Articles


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Kendall Sullivan
30 Jan 2001 How to use the Find Error entry under the search heading of the menu bar.
The article describes how to use the Find Error feature.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
29 Jan 2001 How to display the current user name.
Code example to display the current user name.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
31 Oct 2000 Error: SQLDA missing or incorrect number/type of variables.
This article describes a work around to this error when using Interbase and stored procedures.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
31 Aug 2000 Passing nil to a variable parameter.
This document demonstrates how to pass nil to a variable parameter of a method.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
31 Aug 2000 How to access more than one table with the QuickRep component.
Some edit controls for the QuickRep component have trouble accessing data, if the dataset property of the QuickRep component uses only one table.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
31 Aug 2000 Using the requery method in place of the refresh method.
Some people have noticed very slow performance while using the refresh method. However it seems the using requery in place of refresh improves the performance significantly.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
31 Aug 2000 Checking the BDE version progammatically.
Some applications require that the correct BDE version be install, this code example shows you how to do it programmatically.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
2 Aug 2000 When Quick Report printer settings are changed during a preview at run time, they will have no affect.
Trying to change the printer setting of a quick report during it's preview, will not affect it.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
2 Aug 2000 How to assign the Delphi global printer object, to the Quick Reports global printer object.
If you want to use Delphi's print dialog and you are using Quick Reports, then you have to assign Delphi's global printer object.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
31 Jul 2000 Activating the clientdataset closes the query.
Delphi 5 uses Midas 3 and the difference between Midas 2 and Midas 3 is that Midas 3 is stateless.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
31 Jul 2000 With an inproc server that uses Sharemem, the caller AV's on exit.
This issue is limited to windows 95, and related to the borlndmm.dll.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
31 Jul 2000 Changing Quick Report BandType at runtime.
Below is a snippet of code that enables you to change the BandType property of the QRBand in Quick Reports.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
31 May 2000 What version of Delphi 5 does the Code Explorer come with?
This article lists the versions of Delphi 5 that include the Code Explorer.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
31 Mar 2000 A final prompt, asking user if they really want to exit.
Add this code sample to an application to prompt a user if they really want to exit after selecting a close method.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
29 Mar 2000 Code sample to detect if there is a sound device present on a computer.
This code sample detects whether a sound device is present on the computer were your application is running.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
28 Mar 2000 How to capture the URL and title of the current webpage being viewed.
This code sample will detect if Netscape is running and show both the URL and page title that is curently being viewed.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
29 Feb 2000 Debugging an ISAPI DLL with Delphi under NT 4.0 for IIS version 4
Step by step procedure for debuging a Web server application.
Kendall Sullivan TI
25 Jan 2000 What version of PVCS doesTeamSource™ require?
Making TeamSource work with, and recognize PVCS.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
4 Jan 2000 How to enable the cut and copy operations for the TWebBrowser component in Delphi 5.
Making the cut/copy operations work for the TWebBrowser component in Delphi 5.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
23 Dec 1999 Why are my Data Access components not showing?
Issues with the Standard version of Delphi 5.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ

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