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Technical Articles


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Clay Shannon
11 Jul 2003 Interview with Ray Konopka by Clay Shannon
Ray Konopka talks about the mechanics of the Borland Conference advisory board, his work on Code Site for .NET, the great BorCon pizza thread time slice demonstration, his High School record in Track and Field, and Octane
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
Clay Shannon
10 Jul 2003 QualityCentral - helping Borland help you
In his August 2003 Delphi Informant Magazine article, Clay Shannon writes about the BDN QualityCentral system.
Clay Shannon Article
Clay Shannon
16 Jun 2003 Disseminating Your Software
The difference between deployment and dissemination of software is discussed, as is the relative merits of hosting your own software or outsourcing that chore. DIY vs. outsourcing is also examined relative to the processing of payments.
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
16 Jun 2003 Interview with Chad "Kudzu" Hower by Clay Shannon
Chad "Kudzu" Hower, prime mover behind Indy and IntraWeb, talks about the future of Delphi, what he thinks of .NET, how to bring about world peace, why he rarely reads computer books, and other things.
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
9 Jun 2003 Are We Not Geeks?
Why is programming the least understood of all professions? There is a conspiracy to defame us! Hollywood and Madison Avenue don't want us to come out from behind our cubicle walls. A tongue-in-cheek take on how programmes are viewed.
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
30 May 2003 Interview with Jon Shemitz by Clay Shannon
Kylix author Jon Shemitz tells why he likes Windows better than Linux, talks about the advantages of .NET, why he wouldn't recommend a career in software to "geeky kids", and sci-fi books.
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
28 May 2003 Get Your Delphi Apps off to a Fast Start by Clay Shannon
Explains how and why you should create a template project. This can save you a lot of time whenever you begin a new Delphi project, as the normal "setup work" you do will already be done--setting properties, adding forms and units, etc.
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
28 May 2003 Interview with Steve McConnell by Clay Shannon
Steve McConnell, the author of several important programming books, such as "Code Complete", "Rapid Development", "Software Project Survival Guide", and "After the Gold Rush", answers questions about his current projects
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
23 May 2003 Interview with Ray Lischner
Ray Lischner talks about his books, how he backed into programming, his keyboard deafness, the extent of his multilingualism, C#, his predictions for a post-.NET Borland, and what he's currently working on.
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
20 May 2003 Interview with Jeff Duntemann by Clay Shannon
Jeff Duntemann tells about his experiences working for Borland, writing and editing for Coriolis and Visual Developer, a rigged programming contest he participated in vs. Bill Gates, what he does everywhere, and what he's been up to lately.
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
15 May 2003 Interview with Steve Teixeira by Clay Shannon
Interview with Steve Teixeira, co-author of the classic "Delphi X Developer's Guide" (along with Xavier Pacheco). Among other things, Steve tells about his days at Borland, how the tome mentioned above came about, and "geek" practical jokes
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
28 Nov 2001 Mining Delphi's demo programs
Precious nuggets of elegant code are to be found in the free source code on your Delphi CD. By Clay Shannon.
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
20 Nov 2001 Hungarian peanut butter
Introduces and explains Hungarian notation, and proposes an Object Pascal-specific variant thereof. By Clay Shannon.
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
30 Apr 2001 You might be a programmer if...
Politically incorrect views on programmers by a programmer.
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
19 Mar 2001 Toward more diversity in our ranks
Untapped programming talent lies largely ignored.
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
Mark Shapiro
16 Nov 2001 Using the Decision Cube without the BDE
The TDecisionCube component that ships with Delphi Client-Server or Enterprise does not work well with non-BDE datasets. But we can change that! By Mark Shapiro.
Mark Shapiro Contributed Article
Steven Shaughnessy
25 Sep 2008 DataSnap 2009 support for C++Builder
This article describes the level of support for C++ Builder in DataSnap 2009
Steven Shaughnessy Article
8 Sep 2008 DataSnap 2009 Threading Model
This article describes the threading model employed by the 2009 edition of DataSnap.
Steven Shaughnessy Article
8 Sep 2008 DataSnap 2009 Memory Management
Memory management conventions used for server class instances, server method parameters and return values.
Steven Shaughnessy Article
6 Sep 2008 DataSnap 2009 Overview
This is an introduction to the new component based DataSnap technology included in Delphi 2009.
Steven Shaughnessy Article

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