How to Install InterBase XE on Mac OS X

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Step by step instructions for installing InterBase XE on Mac OS X

    Installing InterBase XE Update 4 for Mac OS

Before you get started you need to do the following:

   A Developer’s Network account is required. Click to either log on to an existing account or create a new one.

   Go to and download InterBase XE ( 32-bit Developer Edition for Mac 0S X.The file is InterBase_XE_Mac.tar.gz.

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    Installation of InterBase XE on Mac OS X

1.  Double-click the InterBase_XE_Mac.tar.gz file and the download dialog opens.

2.  Double-click InterBase_XE_Mac 2 and the InterBase_XE_Mac 2 dialog opens.

3.  Double-click and a warning dialog appears asking you to confirm the installation. Click Open and dialog opens requesting your password.

Note:     The installation requires an Administrator password to install the software.

4.  Click the Unlock icon and enter your password. Once the password is authenticated the install wizard appears.

5.  Follow the wizard and in the Choose Install pane, select the Server and Client option. This is the default setting.

6.  Leave the default setting of “No” in the Multi-Instance InterBase pane.

7.  On the Choose Install Folder pane, select Restore Default Folder which is Macintosh HD > Applications > InterBase.

8.  Review the Pre-Installation Summary and then click Install.

9.  In the InterBase XE License Registration enter the Serial Number that was sent to your EDN account. You also need to enter your Login and Password.


10.  Click Register. Once the registration is complete you are notified that you now have the InterBase XE Server Edition 90 Days Trial.

11.  Click Finish and you are returned to the install wizard. Click Done 

12.  InterBase for Mac is command-line application. To start the server go to Macintosh HD > Applications > InterBase > bin > ibmgr.

This information comes from the InterBase Quick Start Guide.

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