Running Linux Install Script: Syntax error near unexpected token in line 192: 'c

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: This error can occur if the install script is downloaded to Windows and then transfered to Linux

After reading the IB in the Knowledgebase on our website, and attempting to use 
the modified install script, the following error occured: 
Syntax error near unexpected token in line 192: 'case "$reply" in'
A different error occured when trying to run the original script under the Korn Shell:
Syntax error: 'in^M'

The customer in this case had downloaded the script off our website from a Win95 box,
and then moved the file to the Linux box. This caused DOS ASCII end-of-line characters
to be placed in the script. The solution is to download the script from the Linux box, as
moving it from the Windows environment will always place undesireable characters in
the script.

Or ftp the file in ASCII mode when transfering from Win95 to Linux.

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