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1 Jul 2009 Press Release: Embarcadero Gains Strong Momentum for Industry's First On-Demand, Multi-Platform Tool Chest: Embarcadero® All-Access™
Analyst and customer feedback highlights success of new licensing model that provides software and database professionals with a comprehensive on-demand tool chest.
David Intersimone Press Release
2 Sep 2009 ER/Studio Macro Mania
Detailed explanations and examples of each macro available in ER/Studio 8.0
Michael Findling Article
2 Sep 2009 DataRage 2009 Replays
DataRage is three days of 100% online technical sessions focused on database development and data management issues which you can attend from wherever you like to log in. It’s bringing you top industry speakers, technologists, and industry practitioners to present on a wide variety of database-related topics, a raging confluence of conveniently-delivered information you can’t get anywhere else.
Michael Findling Article
2 Sep 2009 CASE STUDY: Establishing Data Modeling as a Service in BP
This case study describes the four year journey BP embarked upon (and is still on) when establishing Data Modeling as a Service
Michael Findling Article
2 Sep 2009 Adding Content to the Enterprise Portal
Learn how to create new reports and integrate them into the Enterprise Portal by using the same tools that were used to build the Enterprise Portal itself.
Michael Findling Article
2 Sep 2009 Evolve or Die: Modeling Isn't Just for DBMS’s Anymore
How has data modeling changed over the last 30 years?
Michael Findling Article
2 Sep 2009 Jumpstart your SOA Infrastructure with Data Models
How to reverse that trend and drive XML schemas from your data models so they’re built with the same standards as your databases.
Michael Findling Article
2 Sep 2009 Integrating Advanced Model Lifecycle Management with the Enterprise Repository & MS SharePoint
When enterprise, conceptual, and logical data models are used in an effective information management framework, business users and technical users can leverage the information contained within them.
Michael Findling Article
2 Sep 2009 Comparing Generalized and Detailed Approaches to Data Modeling
Burton Group Senior Analyst catalogs the relative merits of the two approaches and describes why one approach is highly desirable, but the other approach is absolutely indispensible.
Michael Findling Article
2 Sep 2009 Managing Reference Data and Codes with ER/Studio & Change Manager
Karen Lopez demonstrates tools and techniques for managing reference data and codes using ER/Studio and Change Manager.
Michael Findling Article
2 Sep 2009 Managing Database Security and Compliance
Embarcadero offers tools that can assist to simply automate and report on these strict rules and regulations.
Michael Findling Article
2 Sep 2009 Five Classic Data Modeling Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
Karen Lopez reviews five classic and all-too-common data modeling mistakes that are easy to make and yet just as easy to avoid
Michael Findling Article
2 Sep 2009 Universal Data Models and Patterns:
Developing Higher Quality Data Models in Less Time
Michael Findling Article
3 Sep 2009 Exploring the Data Dictionary in ER/Studio Enterprise
This session will take an in depth look into the data dictionary system of ER/Studio and how it can benefit data architects and their models.
Michael Findling Article
3 Sep 2009 Making Sense of the Mess: Building & Publishing a Data Dictionary
This session describes the process of analyzing existing data structures, of integrating stakeholders in order to agree upon a common set of definitions, and of publishing a data dictionary in an easily accessed, Web format.
Michael Findling Article
21 Sep 2009 Embarcadero Developer Network (EDN) newsletter - September 2009
The EDN newsletter is sent to members who express an interest (by setting the "Wants News" flag in their membership profile.
David Intersimone Newsletter
7 Oct 2009 Press Release: Embarcadero Expands Flexibility for Data Modelers with ER/Studio Enterprise 8.5
Latest release adds UML and enhanced collaboration and reporting capabilities.
David Intersimone Press Release
19 Oct 2009 Top Ten Customer Reasons to Switch from ERWin to ER/Studio
Innovative data modeling tools for enterprise data and information architecture
Michael Findling Article
20 Oct 2009 What's New in Data Modeling Tools
Join Embarcadero on Wednesday, October 21st at 11:00 AM PDT for a live one hour webinar on “What’s New in Modeling Tools”. Learn firsthand what new ground-breaking technologies are being built into today’s most innovative modeling tools.
Josh Howard Article
28 Oct 2009 Embarcadero Developer Network (EDN) newsletter - October 2009
Embarcadero Developer Network (EDN) News is an email newsletter for members of the Embarcadero Developer Network. Members receive this email if they expressed an interest (by setting the "Wants News" flag in their member profile) in getting community news updates.
David Intersimone Newsletter

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