How to Start the Local InterBase Server

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Instructions for starting Local InterBase Server in InterBase XE

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  To Start the Local InterBase Server

1.  To start the Local InterBase server running as an application on either WIndows XP or Windows 7, choose Start > Programs > Embarcadero InterBase XE [instance = gds_db] > InterBase Server Manager and the InterBase XE 32 Manager dialog opens.


2.  This dialog shows the default Setup Mode, the root directory, and the status of the server. Click Start and the status changes to Running.

3.  Click Server Properties and additional information appears in the dialog showing the number of databases and attachments.:


4.  Click Guardian Properties and a dialog opens showing the location, version, and action associated with the Guardian server. Close this dialog.

5.  To open IBConsole choose Start > Programs > Embarcadero InterBase XE [instance = gds_db] > IBConsole.

Note:     To start Local InterBase as a service on Windows NT platforms, click Administrative Tools > Services in the Control Panel, highlight the InterBase XE Guardian entry, and click Start.

This information comes from the InterBase Quick Start Guide.

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