Australian Tax Office can use FireMonkey to deliver Windows and Mac versions of their e-tax application

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: ATO considers e-tax for Mac OS X - article from ZDNet

Here's a nice example of a Delphi customer having the opportunity to reach more users by creating both Windows and Mac versions of their application with Delphi XE2 and FireMonkey.

ATO considers e-tax for Mac OS X

The ATO's e-tax application currently only supports Microsoft Windows, leaving Linux and OS X users out in the cold. The ATO's official advice has been that it does not support those platforms, even though more users are using e-tax than ever. Those wanting to run the application on their systems could run it using virtualisation or emulation software, with any necessary purchase of software for that purpose being tax deductible. 

However, change was in the wind when a new version of the the Delphi platform, which e-tax is developed on, was released in September last year. This version, Delphi XE2, continues to support the development of applications for Windows, but it also provides support for OS X and iOS.

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