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7 May 2007 BDE Merge Module for BDS 2006
The BDE Merge Module for use with MSI installers is now available for registered users of Borland Developer Studio 2006
CodeGear Updates
6 May 2007 New Downloads for Delphi 2007 Registered Users are now available
QuickReport, the Remote Debugger, and the BDE Merge Module are now available for Downloads for Delphi 2007 Registered Users
CodeGear Updates
7 Mar 2007 Hotfix 11 for Borland Developer Studio 2006
Hotfix 11 for Borland Developer Studio 2006 is now available
CodeGear Updates
12 Feb 2007 Hotfix #10 Rollup install for Developer Studio
New hotfixes for Delphi, C++Builder, C#Builder, Turbo Delphi, Turbo Delphi for .NET, Turbo C++, and TurboC# are now available for download
CodeGear Updates
3 Feb 2002 Delphi , Kylix, Interbase & Borland wallpapers
Delphi , Kylix, Interbase & Borland wallpapers
CodeGear Contributed Article
30 Aug 2001 Other people's windows
This article demonstrates how to subclass non-Delphi windows from within a Delphi application.
CodeGear Contributed Article
16 May 2000 How to execute a SQL statement greater than 64K
Using DbiQExecDirect instead of a TQuery will allow a query longer than 64K
CodeGear Article
Federico Albesano
19 Dec 2001 A TDBGrid descendant with an "easy-read" coloring feature
How to put alternate colored rows in a TDBGrid, so that it looks like old-fashioned print-out sheets. By Federico Albesano. Anche in italiano.
Federico Albesano Contributed Article
Brian Alexakis
10 Sep RAD NewsFlash - Multi-Device Developer News
RAD Studio XE7 Announced and Available! RAD Studio XE7 LIVE World Tour! New Embarcadero Community Site & the Upcoming CodeRage 9 Online Conference
Brian Alexakis Newsletter
Pavel Alhymov
28 Aug 2013 Where is speed: Or, In, CharInSet?
Choose your way of search of characters.
Pavel Alhymov Contributed Article
Toby Allen
17 Jan 2002 How to set global environment variables.
Article that shows how to update global environment settings and make sure they stay.
Toby Allen Contributed Article
Andrew Ames
12 Apr 2000 Application Taskbar Button
Performing operations on a VCL application's taskbar button.
Andrew Ames FAQ
Yorai Aminov
6 May 2008 Enabling Client-Side Caching of Generated Content in ASP.NET
This article describes how to support client-side caching of dynamically generated content in ASP.NET and Delphi, and lists some of the lesser-known problems with ASP.NET’s HttpCachePolicy class.
Yorai Aminov Article
2 May 2008 Shared Variables in ASP.NET
Variable types are often misused in ASP.NET applications. This article discusses the various types of shared variables in Delphi ASP.NET applications
Yorai Aminov Article
Masahiro Arai
11 Jun 2013 Fix list for Update 1 for RAD Studio XE4, Delphi XE4 and C++Builder XE4
List of customer reported issues fixed in the update
Masahiro Arai Updates
18 Apr 2008 Release Notes: Apr08 Hotfix for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007
Release Notes: Apr08 Hotfix for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007
Masahiro Arai Updates
Bob Arnson
24 Nov 1999 The freshest bits
Many applications offer the ability to automatically check for available updates. Here's one approach you can use to give your users the same ability. By Bob Arnson.
Bob Arnson Article
23 Nov 1999 Have it your way
QTime helps find sloppy code so that your users always have a snappy experience. By Bob Arnson.
Bob Arnson Article
15 Nov 1999 Top stories
Daily news summary for 15 November 1999. By Bob Arnson.
Bob Arnson Article
12 Nov 1999 Power editing
If your IDE's editor gives you fits, CodeWright has the power to calm your nerves. By Bob Arnson.
Bob Arnson Article

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