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7 Feb 2000 Does the BDE use Client side or server side cursors for MSSQL?
The BDE uses server side cursors
Quinn Wildman FAQ
5 Feb 2000 Flame Game Contest Update
The entries for the flame contest have now all been submitted. Come take a look at the great work community members have done!
Charles Calvert Article
4 Feb 2000 CNET: Windows 2000 is at core of Microsoft strategy
Win2K a "bet-the-ranch product" for Microsoft, says CFO John Connors.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
4 Feb 2000 Writing Site Server Pipeline Components with Borland Delphi by Alexander Seliutin
Alexander shows Delphi developers how to develop Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition pipeline components.
David Intersimone Article
3 Feb 2000 InfoWorld: Sun loosens its grip on NFS
New Sun Industry Standard Source License makes portions of NFS source available to community.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
3 Feb 2000 ZDNet: Windows 2000 special report
Is Microsoft's latest the right operating system for you?
J.D. Hildebrand Article
3 Feb 2000 John K's Stick It! Pictures
John K had the chance to take some pictures on a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest. These are definitely a must-see!
John Kaster Article
2 Feb 2000 11th Annual Inprise & Borland Conference - San Diego California - July 8-12, 2000
San Diego is the location for the 11th Annual Inprise & Borland Conference taking place July 8-12, 2000.
David Intersimone Article
2 Feb 2000 New CodeCentral (Source Code Repository) Features
John K talks about some of the new features of CodeCentral, and how they were written
John Kaster Article
1 Feb 2000 Delphi DataModule Designer & IDE Changes Live Chat Transcript from Jan. 27th, 2000
Delphi DataModule Designer & IDE Changes Live Chat Transcript from Jan. 27th, 2000
Christine Ellis Article
1 Feb 2000 How do I set the desktop icon color in code, or make the text behind them transparent?
Set the background color of the Windows desktop icons using Pascal code.
Corbin Dunn FAQ
1 Feb 2000 Antique Software: Turbo Pascal v1.0
With the release of Turbo Pascal 1.0, Borland started its award winning push into the world of development environments and tools. Download the software that started it all.
David Intersimone Article
28 Jan 2000 AnchorDesk: Adopt XML now!
Jesse Berst says W3C's approval of the XHTML 1.0 spec is a watershed event for developers.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
28 Jan 2000 CNET: Microsoft prepares fixes, updates for Windows 2000
With two weeks to go before the release, Microsoft is already at work on Service Pack 1, sources say.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
28 Jan 2000 Sm@rt Reseller: Think tank urges Microsoft breakup
Politically conservative group recommends Microsoft be required to split its OS business.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
28 Jan 2000 Delphi 5 trial edition premature expiration
The Delphi 5 trial can expire early on some machines.
28 Jan 2000 "Operation not applicable" when opening ClientDataSet.
The error occurs when opening a ClentDataSet with nested datasets.
27 Jan 2000 Wired: X marks a new Web standard
XHTML specification approved Wednesday by World Wide Web Consortium.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
27 Jan 2000 Extreme Programming: Testing at the Speed of Thought
In this article you can learn about a test suite that embodies the principles of Extreme Programming
Charles Calvert Article
27 Jan 2000 Inprise/Borland to Host Q4 FY99 Financial Results Webcast
Inprise/Borland Webcast on the company's Fourth Quarter Fiscal Year 1999 financial results.
David Intersimone Article

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