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24 Oct 2000 Online interview with Dale Fuller
Inprise/Borland CEO Dale Fuller appears in an online video interview on
David Intersimone Article
24 Oct 2000 Almanac: 24 October 2000
Building the semantic Web. SDMI update. Our post-PC future. Linux community grapples with forking. Ray Kurzweil speaks. FTC to scrutinize UCITA. Filtering software flunks congressional test.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
23 Oct 2000 Almanac: 23 October 2000
Has Linux outgrown the open source community? Waiting for the Linux Standard Base. Government Web sites still using cookies. Promoting the Seti@Home model. Kids and computer overkill. The trouble with smart cars. Is your company a cult?
J.D. Hildebrand Article
22 Oct 2000 Welcome to TechVoyage
persistent welcome message for Charlie's Tech Voyage
Charlie Calvert Contributed Article
20 Oct 2000 Delphi and C++ Builder IDE Syntax-Highlighting Extensions Editor
This simple utility uses the TRegistry component, a TListBox, and a TAction to provide a (hopefully) convenient interface for adding file extensions to the IDE editor's syntax highlighter
John Kaster Article
20 Oct 2000 How to write unmaintainable code
A tutorial by Roedy Green.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
20 Oct 2000 Almanac: 20 October 2000
Corporate investments in Linux. Love for sale. Oracle pulls plug on Netware support. Tech industry out of ideas? Cyber-crime treaty meets criticism. SDMI brouhaha continues. Test-driving JRun Studio. Hacker's guide to OpenOffice.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
19 Oct 2000 Almanac: 19 October 2000
Justifying a Delphi decision. Closing the digital divide. Congressional panel says no to Web filters. Internet salary survey. Dvorak tries on high-tech glasses.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
19 Oct 2000 Determine the default browser
This article describes how to determine the default browser and its version.
Matthias Thoma Contributed Article
18 Oct 2000 Almanac: 18 October 2000
Who's #1 in Linux? Security, privacy trade-offs. Candidates drawn into Napster debate. Experience, wisdom considered harmful.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
18 Oct 2000 Delphi 5 is unable to start due to problems with a missing export in a .BPL file.
For example: "The VCLX5.BPL file is linked to missing export VCL50.BPL:@Forms@Finilization$qqrv""
Corbin Dunn FAQ
17 Oct 2000 Almanac: 17 October 2000
Has Linux been too successful? Home networking is next killer app. Linux in the enterprise. Python 2.0 released. SDMI watermarks intact? Latest UI breakthrough: scent.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
17 Oct 2000 Resolving DFM corruption issues with CVS.
Explains the reason for "Invalid stream format." error when checking in/out forms with CVS or other version control systems.
Vincent Drake FAQ
16 Oct 2000 Almanac: 16 October 2000
Cars get smarter. Activist joins ICANN. HP buys historic garage. Congress mulls Web-filter mandate. Patch offered for IE security hole.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
15 Oct 2000 The Euro is coming!
This article describes how to convert EMU currencies to Euros.
Matthias Thoma Contributed Article
13 Oct 2000 Almanac: 13 October 2000
SDMI watermark scheme cracked. Behind the Microsoft-Corel deal. E-mail attachments considered harmful. Cost-cutting not the path to profits. Silicon Valley a mecca no longer. Andy Grove says the party is over.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
13 Oct 2000 Problems using dcomcnfg to configure ActiveX library objects (DLLs).
Client application fails to make a remote DCOM connection. OLEException: Class not registered
Christopher Moeller TI
13 Oct 2000 Borland Community News - October 13, 2000
This article contains the bi-weekly email newsletter that was sent to requesting members of the Borland Developer Community.
David Intersimone Article
12 Oct 2000 Midas & COM Tips and Tricks
Shows how to build applications using multiple modules that communicate via COM and share a Midas server. Demonstrates transfering files, arrays and other data structures using COM.
Bill Todd Contributed Article
12 Oct 2000 Almanac: 12 October 2000
Founder of open source movement speaks. In the trenches with Loki. Proof of concept for Bazaar model. Mozilla as a way of life. Linux Standard Base takes a step forward. Privacy expert monitors net. Revolution? What revolution?
J.D. Hildebrand Article

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