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15 Jan 2001 What is "Error 113" during installation?
Error 113 Indicates a problem reading the CD.
14 Jan 2001 A little history on the Interbase security hole
Charlie Caro, of Interbase R&D, provides some background information on the Interbase Security Hole that Borland has patched. Jim Starkey also has a reply.
John Kaster Article
14 Jan 2001 Borland makes patch available for Interbase customers
Press release about the patch to fix the Interbase security hole
John Kaster Press Release
12 Jan 2001 See more than just Kylix screen shots!
John K is on a quick tour of the United States' Pacific Northwest, showing the latest developments with Kylix
John Kaster Article
11 Jan 2001 ADOExpress update available for download
An update to ADOExpress for Delphi 5 and C++ Builder 5 is freely available for immediate download
John Kaster Updates
11 Jan 2001 BORDBK50.DLL is missing or not registered.
9 Jan 2001 The Internet comfy chair - made by La-Z-Boy and Microsoft
Microsoft and La-Z-Boy announce a comfy chair with built in WebTV keyboard for $1k+
David Intersimone Article
8 Jan 2001 Automating Internet Explorer to Find All Links on a Web Page
You may want to find all links on a given web page. This document has source code and directions on how to do this.
Corbin Dunn TI
5 Jan 2001 Linux Kernel 2.4 is out - but when will Linux vendors start shipping it?
Yesterday, Linus Torvalds announced the availability of Linux 2.4. The first question is, "When will the Linux vendors start shipping it?"
David Intersimone Article
5 Jan 2001 How do I split the editor?
IDE tip for comparing files side by side.
Vincent Drake FAQ
3 Jan 2001 Almanac: 3 January 2001
Microsoft hit by discrimination suit. Chip makers in the er, chips. More to Linux than hyped stocks. Rethinking security. A blind date with virtual Eve.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
3 Jan 2001 Automating Internet Explorer to POST Form Data
How to control Internet Explorer and make it POST form data from an application
Corbin Dunn TI
2 Jan 2001 Is Turbo Pascal still available?
29 Dec 2000 Almanac: 29 December 2000
Security a serious issue for 2001. E-mail considered harmful. Java -- not just for geeks anymore. Linux not quite ready for the desktop. And the usual nonsense from J.D.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
22 Dec 2000 Newsgroup nugget: Kylix and dbExpress screen shots
An article on Kylix and dbExpress from the German developer magazine "Der Entwickler"
Anders Ohlsson Article
22 Dec 2000 Newsgroup nugget: Obfuscated Delphi?
An old favorite. This time in Delphi. Somebody's got too much time on their hands...
Anders Ohlsson Article
21 Dec 2000 is an excellent resource for web programming
Just the tips alone make this site worth a visit, but the free utilities (both web based and GUI based) make this site a must-visit place if you're doing anything with markup languages
John Kaster Article
21 Dec 2000 Almanac: 21 December 2000
Navel-gazing in the Linux community. Will banner ads keep the Internet free? Linux faces co-opting by big companies. Advocacy considered harmful.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
19 Dec 2000 HeadConv v. 4.20: Dr. Bob's C DLL header converter
HeadConv v. 4.20 is the latest version of Dr. Bob's free C DLL header converter, which generates implicit and explicit Delphi import units for C DLL header files. New in this release is a two-page dialog as sidekick for the command-line edition.
Bob Swart Article
14 Dec 2000 Almanac: 14 December 2000
Job insecurity at the dot-coms. IBM captures headlines with Linux-investment talk. Linux for PDAs -- update. Claudia Schiffer's new Palm computer.
J.D. Hildebrand Article

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