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31 Jan 2001 Kylix: Barbarians in tuxes
Linux insider Lou Grinzo on the Kylix launch.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
31 Jan 2001 How to detect if the current user is logged in administrator.
This example will show you how to detect if the current user is logged on as administrator
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
31 Jan 2001 How to detect the computer name.
Below is a code sample that demonstrates how to find out what the computer name.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
31 Jan 2001 A special Kylix discount for Borland Community members
We are pleased to offer a special discount on Kylix to Borland Community members (for a limited time)
John Kaster Article
30 Jan 2001 How to use the Find Error entry under the search heading of the menu bar.
The article describes how to use the Find Error feature.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
30 Jan 2001 I want to be able to use multiple aliases with a single TDatabase component.
This document shows how to use the TSession and TDatabase components to switch between multiple aliases at run-time.
Chris Lock TI
29 Jan 2001 eWeek Labs analyzes Kylix
Peter Coffee says Kylix gives developers all they need for Linux programming.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
29 Jan 2001 Kylix comes into focus
eWeek's Roberta Holland says Kylix will be in customers' hands by February's end.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
29 Jan 2001 Linux buckles down
Open source operating system isn't just for hackers anymore.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
29 Jan 2001 How to display the current user name.
Code example to display the current user name.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
26 Jan 2001 LinuxWorld show favorite awards finalists announced
Industry experts will recognize innovation in open computing on Thursday, February 1.
Anders Ohlsson Article
25 Jan 2001 Kylix seminar series
Get a jumpstart on developing business applications for Linux by attending this one-day technical seminar.
Anders Ohlsson Article
24 Jan 2001 Using blocking sockets inside of a thread, and simulating HTTP requests
How to create a blocking TClientSocket inside of a TThread and get data from an web server
Corbin Dunn TI
24 Jan 2001 Excellent web site for XML information
This web site contains tons of links for information, tips, tutorials, and software for XML for a variety of languages and platforms
John Kaster Article
19 Jan 2001 Saving your project's breakpoint settings.
Breakpoints are not saved by default in your projects. One simple option on the IDE changes this.
Vincent Drake FAQ
19 Jan 2001 How to set the default form font in Delphi.
Using registry settings to change Delphi IDE defaults.
19 Jan 2001 John Kaster will be showing Project Kylix in Boston on Monday night, January 22nd
Do you want to see Project Kylix? Do you live in the Boston area? John Kaster will be previewing Project Kylix at the Delphi Developers Group of Greater Boston monthly meeting.
David Intersimone Article
18 Jan 2001 Developers cry foul over new Microsoft Visual Basic language
And a Microsoft MVP launches his take on it - VB.NOT...
Anders Ohlsson Article
17 Jan 2001 Sip From The Firehose: January 17, 2001 - IT spending slowdown? Not at General Electric.
I was watching CNBC this morning and heard General Electric (GE) Chairman and CEO Jack Welch talk about GE's continued investment in IT.
David Intersimone Article
17 Jan 2001 Random Images Screen Saver - a complete screen saver example
How to easily create a screen saver with Delphi and make it behave properly
Corbin Dunn TI

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