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If you're into writing web server extensions, you definitely want to read the WebBroker Live Chat transcript with R&D from Thursday, 24-Feb-00. You may also want to read the borland.public.delphi.internet newsgroup. For a free native Delphi HTML viewer, visit Dave Baldwin's Programmers Utilities page. There is also Delphi Web Script, an Open Source ASP and JSP like script engine, based on WebBroker/ISAPI.


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3 Apr 2003 Using Semaphores in Delphi, Part 1
Semaphores are like mutexes on steroids. Not only can they coordinate multiple threads and process, but they can permit more than one simultaneous lock. This article shows you how to use these useful objects in a multithreaded environment
Cary Jensen Contributed Article
5 Mar 2003 IntraWeb and Rave updates are available for Delphi 7
Delphi 7 updates for AtoZed IntraWeb and Nevrona Rave Reports are now available for download
John Kaster Updates
28 Feb 2003 Distributed Information Systems. From A to Z. - Part III. How to use multiple SOAPDataModules in your Web service
This a 3rd article shows how to build a stand-alone Web service using Indy and Delphi 7
Serge Dosyukov Contributed Article
28 Feb 2003 Distributed Information Systems. From A to Z. - Part II. Building a stand-alone Web service with Indy in Delphi 7
This is a 2nd article shows how to build a stand-alone Web service using Indy and Delphi 7
Serge Dosyukov Contributed Article
24 Feb 2003 Problems running WebSnapSurvey IntraWeb demo with Delphi 7.
Explains why the WebSnap demo doesn't work and how to get it to work properly.
Angel Martinez FAQ
31 Jan 2003 IntraWeb: A New Way to the Web
IntraWeb is a framework and component set that permits you to quickly and easily build interactive Web sites using Delphi, Kylix, C++ Builder, and JBuilder, and it may very well change the way you develop Web applications from now on.
Cary Jensen Contributed Article
31 Jan 2003 Following the directions in the websnap readme for compiling Apache for DSO support doesn't work
Explains the proper way of recompiling Apache for DSO support
Angel Martinez FAQ
29 Jan 2003 Web Services Training - Free trial!
You may not know this, but Borland has an *awesome* Web Services training CD for sale. And a free teaser for it.
Anders Ohlsson Article
28 Jan 2003 WebSnap Tips and Tricks
Nick Hodges shares some of his tips and tricks to make WebSnap do the things you need it to do.
Nick Hodges Contributed Article
28 Jan 2003 Using a DSO on Apache 2.0.43, created with Kylix 3
Explains how to get a dso to work using Kylix 3 and Apache 2.0.43
Angel Martinez FAQ
27 Nov 2002 Hanging by a WebSnap Thread
This article covers the basics of webmodule threading in both WebSnap and WebBroker, as well as some strategies for dealing with the traps that it can create.
Nick Hodges Contributed Article
31 Oct 2002 "CoInitialize has not been called" when using TXMLDocument
This FAQ addresses a common error that comes up when using Delphi's XML components inside of a thread
Lucas Bantner FAQ
31 Oct 2002 Strange access violations when using TXMLDocument at runtime
This document explains some of the odd behavior you may run into while using TXMLDocument at runtime
Lucas Bantner FAQ
28 Aug 2002 How to Get the Page Name of a WebModule in a WebSnap Application.
Justin Swett FAQ
6 Aug 2002 Using Delphi as a script language for ASP.NET
A preview of Delphi for .NET support inside ASP.NET
John Kaster Article
5 Aug 2002 ISAPI and CGI Applications get Errors Initializing the BDE.
Justin Swett FAQ
5 Aug 2002 My WebSnap Application Executes the Wrong Action, or Skips the Action All Together.
Justin Swett FAQ
21 Jun 2002 Borland demonstrates .NET technology
DevRel shows Delphi for .NET preview at VS Live in New York
Anders Ohlsson Article
23 May 2002 Example of using WebSnap as a source code generator
WebSnap tool for generating Persistent BOs, EJB Persistent Entity Beans and so on.
Ivan Babikov Contributed Article
10 May 2002 Sending an early response in a WebSnap application loses session values.
Justin Swett FAQ

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