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If you're into writing web server extensions, you definitely want to read the WebBroker Live Chat transcript with R&D from Thursday, 24-Feb-00. You may also want to read the borland.public.delphi.internet newsgroup. For a free native Delphi HTML viewer, visit Dave Baldwin's Programmers Utilities page. There is also Delphi Web Script, an Open Source ASP and JSP like script engine, based on WebBroker/ISAPI.


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Yorai Aminov
6 May 2008 Enabling Client-Side Caching of Generated Content in ASP.NET
This article describes how to support client-side caching of dynamically generated content in ASP.NET and Delphi, and lists some of the lesser-known problems with ASP.NET’s HttpCachePolicy class.
Yorai Aminov Article
2 May 2008 Shared Variables in ASP.NET
Variable types are often misused in ASP.NET applications. This article discusses the various types of shared variables in Delphi ASP.NET applications
Yorai Aminov Article
Ivan Babikov
23 May 2002 Example of using WebSnap as a source code generator
WebSnap tool for generating Persistent BOs, EJB Persistent Entity Beans and so on.
Ivan Babikov Contributed Article
Lucas Bantner
31 Oct 2002 "CoInitialize has not been called" when using TXMLDocument
This FAQ addresses a common error that comes up when using Delphi's XML components inside of a thread
Lucas Bantner FAQ
31 Oct 2002 Strange access violations when using TXMLDocument at runtime
This document explains some of the odd behavior you may run into while using TXMLDocument at runtime
Lucas Bantner FAQ
Doychin Bondzhev
1 Dec 2004 Advanced Markup Language generation for IntraWeb
Article describes how to use an undocumented feature in IntraWeb to create complex controls that require multiple tags.
Doychin Bondzhev Contributed Article
Charles Calvert
5 Jul 2000 View the Entries for the March/April Web Programming Contest
Learn how to extend the Delphi Web Broker technoloy by downloading and examining all the entries in the new Web Programming Contest.
Charles Calvert Article
12 Apr 2000 Hosting CBuilder and Delphi Programs on the Web
This article by a third party company describes how you can use their services to host your Delphi and CBuilder web applications on the internet.
Charles Calvert Article
30 Mar 2000 The Basics of Parsing XML in Delphi 5
This articles shows simple examples of how to iterate through XML documents using DOM version 2.0 parsers. The articles explains how to use an Open Source native Delphi component and the Microsoft parser built into IE 5.
Charles Calvert Article
3 Jan 2000 WritingClient/Server applications using ICS
Internet Component Suite (ICS) is a complete set of components that support most popular TCP/IP protocols. Read this article to learn about them.
Charles Calvert Article
18 Nov 1999 XMLWorks OpenSource XML Components
Download and review XML components for Delphi and CBuilder.
Charles Calvert Article
8 Nov 1999 Internet/Intranet Application Development
Nick Hodges gives valuable tips and detailed explanations of how to develop Internet applications
Charles Calvert Article
8 Nov 1999 Advanced Web Broker
A detailed look at Delphi Internet development
Charles Calvert Article
8 Nov 1999 Creating Web Graphics
This article discusses some of the fine points of publishing graphics on the web
Charles Calvert Article
8 Nov 1999 Building ISAPI Dll Web Extensions in Delphi
Nick Hodges gives valuable tips and detailed explanations of how to develop ISAPI based Internet applications
Charles Calvert Article
1 Nov 1999 Delphi Web Technology Links
This page provides a list of links to 3rd party web site that pertain to Delphi Web Technologies
Charles Calvert Article
18 Oct 1999 Web Technologies Neighborhood Overview
This article provides an introduction to the Web Technologies Neighborhood.
Charles Calvert Article
15 Oct 1999 Understanding the Delphi Internet Express
The Internet Express allows you to easily create XML based web server applications in Delphi.
Charles Calvert Article
15 Oct 1999 Overview of Internet Express
Overview of Internet Express
Charles Calvert Article
15 Oct 1999 Internet Express
Internet Express
Charles Calvert Article

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