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6 May 2005 Borland Delphi 2005 Compiler, Language, and Debugger Enhancements
This article provides an overview of several of the new features found in Delphi 2005
Borland Technical Publications White Paper
6 Jan 2000 Borland Game Programming Contest: Set the World on Fire
Borland announces a real contest with real prizes. The goal is to inspire the best programmers to step forward and show the world their talents!
Charles Calvert Article
21 Dec 1999 Borland History: Why the name "Delphi?"
Danny Thorpe writes about the origin of the Borland Delphi product name.
David Intersimone Article
1 May 2001 Borland is awarded a patent for its Two-Way-Tools method
The United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded Borland Software Corporation its 94th patent. The pantent covers its Two-Way-Tools method for delegation of object events to event handlers.
David Intersimone Article
16 Jul 2006 Borland Together positioned in the leaders quadrant of Gartner's Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Tools Report
Borland announced that it has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the leaders quadrant of its Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA&D) Tools, 2H06 to 1H07 Magic Quadrant report.
David Intersimone Press Release
5 Aug 2005 Borland. Delphi. 2005 Migration to .NET using VCL for .NET
This tutorial demonstrates the migration of Delphi Win32 source code, units and (database) applications to the Microsoft .NET Framework using Borland Delphi 2005 and VCL (for .NET).
Bob Swart Article
22 Dec 2011 Building a 64-bit Delphi XE2 User Defined Function for InterBase XE
31 Days of RAD Studio XE2 Video Tutorials - Day 22 Tutorial
Tim DelChiaro Video
17 Dec 2011 Building a Windows and Mac InterBase database application using Delphi and FireMonkey
31 Days of RAD Studio XE2 Video Tutorials - Day 17 Tutorial
Tim DelChiaro Video
16 Nov 2009 Building and Consuming Web Services in Delphi and Delphi Prism
Video Replay from the CodeRage Developer Conference
Tim DelChiaro Video
20 Jun 2013 Building and testing a Delphi for iOS app using
No Mac? No problem. Build, simulate, debug and App Store deploy your iOS apps using MacinCloud
Tim DelChiaro Article
18 Dec 2011 Building and Using FireMonkey iOS Components
31 Days of RAD Studio XE2 Video Tutorials - Day 18 Tutorial
Tim DelChiaro Video
7 May 2004 Building CORBA applications with Delphi 8 and Janeva - Part 1 - by Pawe&#322 G&#322owacki
This article shows necessary steps to build simple CORBA server and client applications with Borland Janeva 6.0 and Borland Delphi 8 for .NET.
Pawel Glowacki Contributed Article
29 Mar 2007 Building Delphi with Ruby
Using Ruby to automatically compile Delphi projects, resource scripts, install scripts, ...
a z Article
7 Dec 2011 Building your first Delphi and C++Builder Windows and Mac FireMonkey Applications
31 Days of RAD Studio XE2 Video Tutorials - Day 7 Tutorial
Tim DelChiaro Video
31 Dec 2003 Busy not doing the dishes - by Noel Rice
Noel demonstrates the ability of Delphi 8 in working with Managed DirectX 9.x with the same ease as C# and VB.NET under the .NET Framework.
Lino Tadros Contributed Article
22 Dec 2001 Can Good Object-Oriented Design include Data-Aware Controls?
Many claim data-aware controls cannot co-exist with correctly designed object-oriented code. I intend to dispel that myth.
Wayne Niddery Contributed Article
29 Aug 2002 Changing the Desktop wallpaper using Delphi
Explains how to use SystemParametersInfo function to change the Desktop wallpaper
Angel Martinez FAQ
31 Aug 2000 Checking the BDE version progammatically.
Some applications require that the correct BDE version be install, this code example shows you how to do it programmatically.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
3 Jan 2004 Choosing a Language for .NET Development
The language wars are over, the developers have won. In the new world of .NET development, a common class library provides freedom of choice.
Cary Jensen Contributed Article
11 Apr 2000 Clearing a console window screen
clrscr like function for Delphi

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