Object Pascal


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28 Feb 2002 How to remove the backslash from the end of a path.
The code sample below returns a string with any trailing path delimiter ('\') removed.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
27 Feb 2002 WebSnap gives templates to Pascal
The script engine of WebSnap can generate not only HTML but something else as well, including source code.
Ivan Babikov Contributed Article
27 Feb 2002 How can I use a dialog window to have a user select a folder without a file name?
explains and gives a brief example of using the SelectDirectory function
Angel Martinez FAQ
27 Feb 2002 How to control user input into a TEdit component.
This paper describes how you can restrict what the user can input into a TEdit component.
Kendall Sullivan TI
6 Feb 2002 TCondom - Preventing leaks, memory leaks that is...
Finding memory leaks can be very tricky. In this article we are going describe an easy method to find & prevent memory leaks.
Louis Louw Contributed Article
31 Jan 2002 Loading a TListView component that contains SubItems.
Code sample shows how to load the SubItems of a TListView component.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
31 Jan 2002 How to make your main form fill up the Desk Top space.
The code sample demonstrates how to make your forms use the whole Desk Top area.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
31 Jan 2002 Encrypting and Decrypting strings in Delphi.
Code sample demonstrates a basic Encryption/Decryption algorithm for strings.
Kendall Sullivan TI
31 Jan 2002 How to detect the CPU type of the computer the application is running on.
The code sample below demonstrates how to detect the CPU type of the current computer.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
17 Jan 2002 Working with TMultiReadExclusiveWriteSynchronizer
Using TMultiReadExclusiveWriteSynchronizer in Multi Thread Applications
Justin Swett TI
10 Jan 2002 Garbage Collector For Delphi Objects and Components
Automatic memory management of Delphi objects and components.
Rossen Assenov Contributed Article
7 Jan 2002 Dynamic packages in Delphi
A paper on how to create and use dynamic packages in Delphi. By Vino Rodrigues.
Vino Rodrigues Contributed Article
6 Jan 2002 how to get the "DialUp_Network" list from windows?
as the title
Chenghao Zhou Contributed Article
6 Jan 2002 i want dial a exist "DialUp NetWork" in windows 2000
as the title
Chenghao Zhou Contributed Article
12 Dec 2001 Exceptional exceptions
Learn about structured exceptions and some unusual ways to use them. By Marcelo Lopez Ruiz.
Marcelo Lopez Ruiz Contributed Article
28 Nov 2001 Mining Delphi's demo programs
Precious nuggets of elegant code are to be found in the free source code on your Delphi CD. By Clay Shannon.
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
20 Nov 2001 Hungarian peanut butter
Introduces and explains Hungarian notation, and proposes an Object Pascal-specific variant thereof. By Clay Shannon.
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
14 Nov 2001 Interface It!
A quick guide to the ins and outs of interfaces in Delphi. By Jimmy Tharpe.
Jimmy Tharpe Contributed Article
30 Oct 2001 Retrieving a list of installed Applications on Windows
How to get a listing of all installed applications on a machine running Windows OS
Angel Martinez TI
10 Oct 2001 Templates in Object Pascal
Here's a quick guide to implementing C++-like templates in Object Pascal. By Rossen Assenov.
Rossen Assenov Contributed Article

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