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11 May 2004 A hint about .NET WinForms controls ToolTips
Delphi developers are familiar with the "hint" property of VCL controls. This article explains how .NET Extender Providers can be used to include ToolTips for .NET WinForms controls.
John Kaster Article
7 May 2004 Building CORBA applications with Delphi 8 and Janeva - Part 1 - by Pawe&#322 G&#322owacki
This article shows necessary steps to build simple CORBA server and client applications with Borland Janeva 6.0 and Borland Delphi 8 for .NET.
Pawel Glowacki Contributed Article
7 May 2004 A tale of two CodeDOMs
Read the story of building a web service that uses the C#Builder and Delphi for .NET CodeDOMs to instantly convert C# code samples to Delphi code
John Kaster Article
20 Feb 2004 The rules haven't changed
These are links to blog entries that describe how some of the features of Delphi 8 haven't changed despite the radical platform shift.
Allen Bauer Article
6 Jan 2004 Interview with Dan Miser by Clay Shannon
MIDAS guru Dan Miser bravely admits he was once a Macintosh expert, explains what was meant by the query "Whopper?", compares himself to Muhammad Ali, and refuses to reveal the secret behind his ability to acquire drink tickets at BorCon
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
3 Jan 2004 Choosing a Language for .NET Development
The language wars are over, the developers have won. In the new world of .NET development, a common class library provides freedom of choice.
Cary Jensen Contributed Article
31 Dec 2003 Busy not doing the dishes - by Noel Rice
Noel demonstrates the ability of Delphi 8 in working with Managed DirectX 9.x with the same ease as C# and VB.NET under the .NET Framework.
Lino Tadros Contributed Article
25 Dec 2003 Interview with Lino Tadros by Clay Shannon
Lino Tadros talks about creating the first ActiveX control ever written with Delphi, a practical joke he played on some of his employees, why he eschews the newsgroups lately, who he impersonates, and the new magazine he is writing for.
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
22 Dec 2003 Interview with Ralph Friedman
Interview with Ralph Friedman, a long-time programmer (36 years!) who learned the trade from the ground up. An American in Austria, Ralph talks about programming, Borland in general, Delphi in particular, his past exploits and current goals
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
13 Dec 2003 Programming in Delphi 7 in a script like way.
In this article it is shown how to make dynamical additions of methods and properties to objects in Delphi 7.
Vicente Romero Zaldivar Contributed Article
11 Dec 2003 Delphi reference counted interfaces
This article covers interfaces in unmanaged Windows and Linux code. It focuses on practical issues developers have to face when they use interfaces in their code.
Jan Machacek Contributed Article
1 Oct 2003 Interview with Anders Ohlsson
Borland developer relations (DevRel) member Anders Ohlsson talks about Swedish meatballs and fish, what he thinks about politics and taxes, Borland in general and Delphi in particular, and slanders the interviewer.
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
25 Sep 2003 Why does the Real type behave differently in Delphi 3 compared to later versions?
This article answers the question posed in the title
Stephen Blas FAQ
30 Jul 2003 Interview with Nick Hodges by Clay Shannon
Nick Hodges, member of TeamB and the Borland Conference Advisory Board, explains why he prefers WebSnap to 3rd party web app creation solutions, talks about his Super Bowl bet with the interviewer, his unusual method of working, etc.
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
11 Jul 2003 Interview with Marco Cantu by Clay Shannon
Author and trainer Marco Cantu tells us about the 15th century house in which he lives, encourages people to turn off their televisions, praises Stupid White Men (the book, not obtuse caucasians) and, of course, talks about programming.
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
16 Jun 2003 Interview with Chad "Kudzu" Hower by Clay Shannon
Chad "Kudzu" Hower, prime mover behind Indy and IntraWeb, talks about the future of Delphi, what he thinks of .NET, how to bring about world peace, why he rarely reads computer books, and other things.
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
9 Jun 2003 Are We Not Geeks?
Why is programming the least understood of all professions? There is a conspiracy to defame us! Hollywood and Madison Avenue don't want us to come out from behind our cubicle walls. A tongue-in-cheek take on how programmes are viewed.
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
6 Jun 2003 Simple Programming Tip #2 by Charlie Calvert
A discussion of benefits to be derived from using testing tools such as JUnit, DUnit, NUnit or CppUnit. The heart of the argument is that such tools encourage programmers to create highly modular, reusable classes that are easy to maintain.
Charlie Calvert Contributed Article
30 May 2003 Getting error: ')' expected but ']' found
explains why this error might occur and how to work around it
Angel Martinez FAQ
30 May 2003 Interview with Jon Shemitz by Clay Shannon
Kylix author Jon Shemitz tells why he likes Windows better than Linux, talks about the advantages of .NET, why he wouldn't recommend a career in software to "geeky kids", and sci-fi books.
Clay Shannon Contributed Article

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