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11 Dec 2001 Borland exhibits at PDC
John K manned the Borland booth at the Microsoft Professional Developer's Conference the first day of the show. Read this article for pictures and observations.
John Kaster Article
26 Nov 2001 Writing custom data to executable files in Windows and Linux
Think you can't tweak with your project after it's compiled? Check out these useful techniques for adding custom data to your EXE in Win32 and Linux. By Daniel Polistchuck.
Other Guy Contributed Article
26 Nov 2001 A passive debugging solution for CLX
Debugging cross-platform applications is easy with this useful code. By Chee Wee Chua.
Chee Wee Chua Contributed Article
13 Nov 2001 XP enable your Delphi application
How to enable the XP control styles in your application
Pan Rumburaku Contributed Article
12 Nov 2001 Using XMLMapper and XML Transforms with Kylix 2 Enterprise
This article describes the new Borland technology for transforming XML documents into dataset representations for easy modification
John Kaster Article
23 Oct 2001 MySQL dbExpress driver source code available
The dbExpress driver source for MySQL has been checked into freeCLX
John Kaster Article
3 Oct 2001 Using COM+ object pooling with Delphi 6
Delphi 6 introduces support for COM+ object pooling, which can provide significant performance improvements under some circumstances. We take a look at Delphi 6s object pooling support. By Vincent Parrett.
Vincent Parrett Contributed Article
3 Oct 2001 Download the fixed Delphi 6 Updates
The fixed Delphi 6.01 patch and updated Delphi 6 documentation are now available for download
John Kaster Updates
28 Sep 2001 A database-enabled Web user list
Let's face it -- for most of us, user validation data needs to be stored in a database. Fortunately, writing a component to encapsulate this functionality is easy. By Jimmy Tharpe.
Jimmy Tharpe Contributed Article
19 Sep 2001 Missing components in Delphi 6.
4 Sep 2001 Generic handling for any Edit menu
Many of the data-aware controls in Delphi do not respond to Control C, V, X to copy, paste, and cut. The code below shows the quickest and easiest solution to this problem. By Steven C. Gudmundson.
Gudmundson Steven Contributed Article
3 Aug 2001 The documents we love to ignore
Who knows when software developers started treating release documents with contempt, but it's a sad fact of our industry that many do. Here's my attempt to help them get some respect back.
John Kaster Article
31 Jul 2001 How to change the shape of your forms.
Shows how to change the shape of your forms using Windows API calls.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
10 Jul 2001 How to change file attributes programmatically.
Changing file attributes in your application.
Justin Swett FAQ
2 May 2001 ALT-Tab: Microsoft. feature or developer nightmare?
Talks about a little know bug with WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW window styles and how to avoid it.
Ryan Mills Contributed Article
27 Apr 2001 Corrupted help files.
The wrong help topics are showing up.
27 Apr 2001 Setting process affinity for your application.
How to control which processor your application runs on on a multiprocessor machine.
25 Apr 2001 Finding the column and row of the cursor in a TRichEdit
How to find the exact position of the cursor in a rich edit.
Corbin Dunn FAQ
4 Apr 2001 Using the Java Native Interface with Delphi and Kylix
Matthew Mead, JEDI author of the Java Native Interface support for Delphi/Kylix, explains how to communicate with Java, Delphi, and Kylix
John Kaster Article
28 Feb 2001 Finding the Windows task bar using the SHAppBarMessage API call
How to find what side of the screen that the task bar is located at
Corbin Dunn TI

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