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26 Nov 2001 Writing custom data to executable files in Windows and Linux
Think you can't tweak with your project after it's compiled? Check out these useful techniques for adding custom data to your EXE in Win32 and Linux. By Daniel Polistchuck.
Other Guy Contributed Article
26 Nov 2001 A passive debugging solution for CLX
Debugging cross-platform applications is easy with this useful code. By Chee Wee Chua.
Chee Wee Chua Contributed Article
16 Nov 2001 Manually unistalling Kylix.
16 Nov 2001 Missing components in Kylix.
16 Nov 2001 FreeCLX updates available for download
Mark Duncan of Kylix R&D has updated FreeCLX. Kylix 1 users can get many of the CLX bug fixes released with Kylix 2 in this public beta download
John Kaster Article
12 Nov 2001 Using XMLMapper and XML Transforms with Kylix 2 Enterprise
This article describes the new Borland technology for transforming XML documents into dataset representations for easy modification
John Kaster Article
25 Oct 2001 Kylix 2 Registration
International phone numbers to call to register Kylix 2 via telephone
Borland Developer Support Article
23 Oct 2001 MySQL dbExpress driver source code available
The dbExpress driver source for MySQL has been checked into freeCLX
John Kaster Article
23 Oct 2001 Public Beta: Kylix 1 Debugger Update
This is a public beta download patch of the Kylix 1 debugger that addresses fork and exec issues with 2.4 kernels and other things.
John Kaster Article
23 Oct 2001 Public Beta: Kylix 1 MySQL dbExpress driver update
You can now download a public beta test version of the MySQL dbExpress driver that supports MySQL 3.23
John Kaster Article
17 Oct 2001 Exception handling in Kylix
Borland architects Eli Boling and Chuck Jazdzewski describe the Kylix exception model in the November issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal.
Danny Thorpe Article
16 Oct 2001 Kylix is the best-in-class
Evans Data Corp says that Kylix is a leading Linux development solution
Anders Ohlsson Article
16 Oct 2001 Caldera announces certification of Kylix
Caldera Announces Borland's Certification of Kylix 1 With OpenLinux Workstation 3.1.1
Anders Ohlsson Article
10 Oct 2001 Problem: Linux Libraries Can't Fail
The Linux module loader doesn't provide a way for shared object libraries to indicate that they were unable to successfully initialize themselves. Danny Thorpe of the Delphi/Kylix R&D team explains how this affects your Kylix applications.
Danny Thorpe Article
27 Sep 2001 Why Linux?
Linux offers many features that are of value to Delphi developers. This article highlights some of the features that genuinely distinguish Linux from Windows. By Todd Shoemaker.
Todd Shoemaker Contributed Article
5 Sep 2001 ZLib for Kylix
Here's how you can get Delphi's TDecompressionStream and TCompressionStream classes to work with Kylix. By Matthias Thoma.
Matthias Thoma Contributed Article
8 Aug 2001 Simulating the Windows API's FindWindow function with Kylix
This article descripes a very handy FindWindow function. By Matthias Thoma.
Matthias Thoma Contributed Article
3 Aug 2001 Kylix Open Edition: Spread the word!
Danny Thorpe of Delphi/Kylix R&D responds to newsgroup questions about the Kylix Open Edition's mandatory splash screen.
Danny Thorpe Article
30 Jul 2001 Problem generating font matrix in Kylix.
Kylix generates a font matrix for each user the first time they start Kylix.
30 Jul 2001 Some links and/or executables are missing after running Kylix install.
You must install Kylix files and links to directories that you have permision to write to.

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