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10 Feb 2000 Flame Contest Winners
Here are the winners of the January Game Contest to create the best animated flame using our Delphi, C++ and Java compilers.
Charles Calvert Article
5 Feb 2000 Flame Game Contest Update
The entries for the flame contest have now all been submitted. Come take a look at the great work community members have done!
Charles Calvert Article
6 Dec 1999 A Multimedia Assembly Line: Part II Generating a Component
In part II the author takes a detailed look at the code-generating engine.
David Intersimone Article
6 Dec 1999 A Multimedia Assembly Line Part I: Enhancing a Delphi Expert
The first installment of a two-part series begins with an overview of the expert and the sound-playing capabilities it supports and how that functionality is implemented in the expert and the components it produces.
David Intersimone Article
25 Oct 1999 Charlie Calvert's Notes for his Direct3D Talk
Here are the notes for the Direct3D talk I made in 1998 and 1999
Charles Calvert Article
25 Oct 1999 DelphiX Tutorial
A Tutorial on the popular DelphiX components. These components help you use the DirectX APIs.
Charles Calvert Article
18 Oct 1999 Delphi Game Links
Links to sites of interest for Delphi game programmers
Charles Calvert Article
18 Oct 1999 Delphi Multimedia and Graphics Neighborhood Overview
This article provides an introduction to the Delphi Multimedia and Graphics neighborhood
Charles Calvert Article
7 Oct 1999 DirectX and Delphi 5
Updating Delphi 3 and 4 Projects to Use Delphi 5. The emphasis is on the DirectX header translations.
Charles Calvert Article

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