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Welcome to the COM/DCOM/COM+ street! Here's some additional links to web sites produced by community members who have great expertise in COM and its related technologies.

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    25 Mar 2005 Using a .NET Assembly via COM by Jim McKeeth
    Using .NET Assemblies as COM objects in Win32 programs is simple, once you are familiar with the necessary hoops. This article outlines the steps necessary and provides a few tips to improve your experience.
    Jim McKeeth Contributed Article
    16 Dec 2004 BDNradio: Delphi 2005 live chat on interop with Chris Bensen
    In this audio replay, Chris discusses his work on ActiveX, COM, .NET interop, VLI and the New Component wizard
    John Kaster Video
    3 Feb 2003 Multiple inheritance for interfaces in Delphi for .NET
    Update 2 of the Delphi for .NET preview includes compiler enhancements for multiple inheritance for interfaces
    John Kaster Article
    19 Feb 2002 Why can't I get breakpoints to work when debugging a COM+ or MTS app in Delphi?
    19 Feb 2002 How to debug a COM+ component in Delphi.
    Debugging a COM+ component on Windows 2000.
    13 Oct 2001 Design Considerations for MIDAS/DataSnap
    A white paper on things you should think about when you chose to use MIDAS/DataSnap.
    Vino Rodrigues Contributed Article
    3 Oct 2001 Using COM+ object pooling with Delphi 6
    Delphi 6 introduces support for COM+ object pooling, which can provide significant performance improvements under some circumstances. We take a look at Delphi 6s object pooling support. By Vincent Parrett.
    Vincent Parrett Contributed Article
    26 Mar 2001 Writing COM Automation Events
    A short tutorial on writing simple Automation server and client classes.
    Chris Lock TI
    13 Oct 2000 Problems using dcomcnfg to configure ActiveX library objects (DLLs).
    Client application fails to make a remote DCOM connection. OLEException: Class not registered
    Christopher Moeller TI
    4 Aug 2000 Creating Windows accounts in Delphi using the Microsoft Active Directory Services Interface
    This is a detailed article complete with sample source code
    John Kaster Article
    27 Jun 2000 COM, CORBA and Enterprise JavaBeans: Elegant integration using Inprise Application Server 4.0
    Having read this article you will have a clear understanding of how easy it is for software written in languages supporting COM to access CORBA objects, including Enterprise JavaBeansTM (EJBs), hosted in Inprise Application ServerTM (IAS).
    David Intersimone Article
    17 Jan 2000 How do I Debug an In-Proc COM Server?
    Debugging in-proc servers

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