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Federico Albesano
19 Dec 2001 A TDBGrid descendant with an "easy-read" coloring feature
How to put alternate colored rows in a TDBGrid, so that it looks like old-fashioned print-out sheets. By Federico Albesano. Anche in italiano.
Federico Albesano Contributed Article
Andrew Ames
12 Apr 2000 Application Taskbar Button
Performing operations on a VCL application's taskbar button.
Andrew Ames FAQ
Bob Arnson
6 Oct 1999 A new outlook on life
If you like the look of Outlook, Delphi component vendors are ready to help you spread the, look to your own applications. By Bob Arnson.
Bob Arnson Article
Rossen Assenov
10 Jan 2002 Garbage Collector For Delphi Objects and Components
Automatic memory management of Delphi objects and components.
Rossen Assenov Contributed Article
10 Oct 2001 Templates in Object Pascal
Here's a quick guide to implementing C++-like templates in Object Pascal. By Rossen Assenov.
Rossen Assenov Contributed Article
Allen Bauer
20 Feb 2004 The rules haven't changed
These are links to blog entries that describe how some of the features of Delphi 8 haven't changed despite the radical platform shift.
Allen Bauer Article
Gardner Bickford
30 Dec 1999 Adding TextCompletion to a TComboBox
This article describes how to add TextCompletion to a TComboBox by descending from TComboBox and creating a new visual component.
Gardner Bickford TI
Stephen Blas
29 May 2003 Cannot view data module as form
This article describes one scenario where you will be unable to view your data module as a form
Stephen Blas FAQ
30 Apr 2003 Enabling automatic scrolling in a TTreeview
This document describes how to make a TTreeview emulate the scrolling of Windows Explorer when dragging a folder to the top or bottom of the window
Stephen Blas FAQ
11 Mar 2003 Where are the Office '97 components in Delphi 7?
In Delphi 7, the packages that contain the Office 2000 and Office XP components are named dcloffice2k70.bpl and dclofficexp70.bpl. What package contains the Office '97 components?
Stephen Blas FAQ
27 Feb 2003 Class not registered error in Delphi 7 when dropping any component installed with dclisp70.bpl onto a form
In Delphi 7, when installing the Internet Solution Pack into the IDE, you get a class not registered when trying to use any of the components
Stephen Blas FAQ
6 Feb 2003 Why can't I use SaveChartToFile and LoadChartFromFile with my TChart component?
This article explains why these you cannot use these two methods in Delphi 7.
Stephen Blas FAQ
Doychin Bondzhev
1 Dec 2004 Advanced Markup Language generation for IntraWeb
Article describes how to use an undocumented feature in IntraWeb to create complex controls that require multiple tags.
Doychin Bondzhev Contributed Article
Borland Staff
24 Jul 2000 An Introduction to the TBatchMove Component in Delphi and C++ Builder
TBatchMove can move data between tables with the same database or a different database
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 How to create an About Box in Delphi or C++ Builder
Simple steps to create an About box
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Using Form Wizard to Quickly Create a Delphi Form
This document will show how to quickly and easily make a Delphi form that is bound to a table.
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 What are Delphi and C++ Builder Action Lists and how do I use them?
Action lists are a way of linking controls that perform similar tasks.
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 A possible explanation for 'Name not Unique in this context' errors
The error, 'Name is not unique in this context' means there's already a component (field or otherwise) on the form with the same name.
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Peep Show Picture Viewer
Creating a graphics viewing application for viewing bitmap, icon, and metafiles (*.bmp, *.ico, *.mtf).
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 How to create SQL queries with SQL Builder
Here is a quick walk-through of creating a query with SQL Builder
Borland Staff FAQ

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