RAD Studio Installer FAQ

By: Dee Elling

Abstract: Frequently Asked Questions about installing RAD Studio

  RAD Studio Installer FAQ

Why does the installer leave a bunch of files in Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data?

This is data that the installer uses to remember information about your existing install for times when you want to upgrade, modify, or repair your install. If these files are not present, then you would have to have a DVD or do another download to properly repair, modify or upgrade your product

How do I upgrade my installation?

You can select the Start|CodeGear RAD Studio|Check for New Updates. This will query our server and see if there is an update available. You can also tell the IDE to check for new updates each time the IDE starts. (link to Install Update procedure to be added)

Where do I find my serial number?

The location of your serial number depends on how your CodeGear product was delivered.

Physical products - your serial number will be on a License Certificate Card in the box or attached to the inside of the DVD case

Electronic delivery - your serial number will be in your order confirmation email

Networked licenses - your company receives a license file and instruction on how to use that file in place of serial numbers

Trial license - the serial number is sent by email

You see which products you have registered on your computer by running the License Manager, usually available as a shortcut from the Start menu in the group with your CodeGear product. Delphi/C++Builder/RAD Studio 2007 and later use a different license manager than older versions so the license manager may not show all licenses.

You can see all the CodeGear products you have registered by going to http://members.codegear.com, logging in, and clicking the "My Registered Products" button.

You can also see which CodeGear Serial Numbers have been registered by looking in the cglm.ini file. This file is in the bin directory where you installed the RAD Studio product. By default this is installed to C:\Program Files\CodeGear\RAD Studio\5.0\bin .

I am an Electronic Software Delivery customer. I want to backup my install when it is downloaded so I don't have to download it again. How do I do that?

With the new installer that is part of C++Builder and Delphi 2007 Update 1, the installer will ask you specifically where you want to store these files for later use. You can place them anywhere on your computer or network that you like.

Once I have stored off the downloaded files, how can I use them to install again?

You can simply place the SETUP.EXE file in the same directory as the archived files and run it from there.

I bought Delphi 2007 and want to install C++Builder 2007. How does this impact Delphi 2007?

Using the setup.exe for C++Builder 2007 will allow you to register additional serial numbers for additional RAD Studio personalties or products. Select the Upgrade option to add a new key. Then you will be prompted for what personalities to install, and what features of these personalities.

Note that A Trial of any personality will be disabled once a retail key is registered. This will not affect the retail product.

Example: Delphi 2007 Professional adding C++Builder 2007 Professional

  • Run setup.exe for C++Builder 2007 Professional
  • Select Upgrade option
  • Enter your serial number for C++Builder 2007
  • Select both personalities
  • Select features you want installed
  • Complete the install
  • Start the IDE
  • Register your Serial Number for C++Builder 2007 Professional
  • End result : Both Delphi 2007 and C++Builder 2007 Professional

I want to install updates, but do not have access to the web. What can I do?

A separate download pack will be made available on the registered users site. Please visit the registered users site for more information and review the documentation present there for latest updates and changes.


I have Delphi 2007 Professional Installed, and want to use the C++Builder 2007 Trial. Can I?

No, you cannot use the C++Builder Trial with the Delphi 2007 Enterprise or Professional installed as they share many similar files. The personality associated with the trial will not have the files installed.

I have Delphi 2007 Trial Installed and want to install C++Builder Enterprise. What happens?

The D2007 Trial will be uninstalled, and C++Builder Enterprise will be installed.

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