BDNradio: Delphi Hour #11 with Nick Hodges

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Listen to the replay and read the chat log of the live broadcast of Delphi Hour #11 with Nick Hodges

Listen to the audio replay or download the MP3.

This is a log of the chat room during the live audio chat from October 4, 2006 on the Delphi Hour with Nick Hodges, Delphi Product Manager.

Note: This log is only the chat room transcript. There is much additional information covered in the audio replay that is not available in this chat log. For all upcoming live chats, see EventCentral.

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NickH: If you want to call /during the show/ you can call the.delphi.hour
NickH: on Skype, of course. And yes I should add that to my blog. ;-)

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aohlsson: GuyWithDo: "How do I listen to the show?" - Click the MMS link on the link I just posted -

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jkaster: Turbo Pro command line compiler downloads

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jkaster: The "I'm listening" app

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jkaster: all, when you want to put in URLs in the chat, preface them with /url
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jkaster: Nick's slides

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jkaster: MSBuild blog team site

aohlsson: Please use the /ask command or the "ask" button to ask questions. Thanks!

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jkaster: Hotfix roll-up article

aohlsson: We will post the replay after this, so at least you can listen afterwards. Sorry about any problems you may experience.
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aohlsson: The Mother of All Disclaimers!

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jkaster: ECO book in English

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aohlsson: Tomes of Delphi

jkaster: siliconma: "Any word on new refactorings for C++ in Highlander?" - nick: I don't know. David: let me go up and check

aohlsson: siliconma: "Any word on new refactorings for C++ in Highlander?" - Don't know at this point. We know the guys are working on it. We'll check into it.

jkaster: bmcgee: "Will the keynote or any of the product addresses from ECON be published on line?" - david: I captured the keynote. I'll edit it and put it up on BDN. nick: I captured my product address. (After it's edited we'll get it posted.)

jkaster: KevinRF: "Will the next version of Delphi support ASP.Net Master Pages or is that strictly a Visual Studio feature?" - nick: we plan on supporting ASP.NET 2.0. I can't provide details on how we'll support master pages at this point.

aohlsson: LizR: "Whats the score?" - Nick - 1 David -1 - no, really... what score? :)

jkaster: KevinRF: "Will the next version of Delphi support MSSQL Reporting Services report designer or is that a Visual Studio only feature?" - nick: we'll find out

jkaster: ldsandon: "why don't use an OS build system like Want instead of platform specific one?" - MSBuild is part of the framework for .NET 2.0 and will be immediately usable with Highlander, and also greatly increase project compatibility

jkaster: JeroenR: "3rd party components are important for us customers (as is delphi). Can you please make sure they (3rd party suppliers) are kept informed because I had the idea that devexpress is currently not really happy" - david: yes, we continue to do briefings, and send field test invitations to our technology partners. We owe all of our partners an additional update.

jkaster: Dany_DP: "A couple of weeks ago, John asked the community to think about possible names for "DevCo". Did you get any outstanding funny, "cool" or even useful proposals?" - nick: it was Michael Swindell, and yes we did get some good feedback. david: there were some guidelines for the name, such as the domain being available

jkaster: LizR: "what is the feature you most love about 2006, and what is the thing you hate most about it?" - nick: I love live templates. David: I love VCL layout. Nick: parenthesis/delimiter matching drives me crazy. David: it's harder to think about things I don't like. I want generics, but I've been waiting 20 years for that. I saw it in action myself at EKON.

jkaster: ldsandon: "will nDatastore be usable from Win32 apps?" - nick: NDataStore is cooking in the labs. We can't really talk about exactly what it will have and how it will work. However, we are looking at ways to make Win32 apps talk to .NET servers.

jkaster: Robert_G: "what are the permissions, neccessary to run nDatastore?" - nick: too early to talk about this

jkaster: PetNorton: "What about Generics in Highlander Win32?" - nick: I really, really want to get it. david: A stated goal is to keep the language as compatible as possible among platforms

jkaster: FinnT: "Do you plan to make BDS2006 Vista compatible?" - nick: we're looking at that right now. good question.

jkaster: fso: "Which the expectation for the Borland Conferece 2006 in Brazil?" - david: we're leaving a week from next Monday. we're going to do something similar to what we did in EKON.

jkaster: abauer: "Vista is ultimately *not* supported because it was not available at the time of release." - nick: good point

jkaster: abauer: "MS has also said that VS2002 and VS2003 will *not* be supported... and VS2005 will only be *after* a patch." - nick: so we're in the same situation, and it's on our radar screen

jkaster: fso: "Are there any news about UML modeling for c++?" - nick: we're looking into that

jkaster: msangali: "Hi, all! Any news in reports components for Highlander? I have some projects in D7 that didn't move to D2006 because of lack of QR and the huge diferences to Rave" - nick: that is something definitely on our radar screen. david: there's a company in the UK called QBS software who is selling an updated version of QR. Jason Vokes is talking to QBS about QR for BDS 2006

jkaster: abauer: "You have templates in C++ ;-)"indeed

jkaster: abauer: "and David I is an old C++ guy, right?"absolutely

jkaster: Ronald: "Any plans to improve (make easier, less error prone) threading support for Win32" - nick: we have technical information on this in our conference proceedings, but nothing specific on the roadmap

jkaster: PetNorton: "Any news from the Win64 front?" - nothing further right now

jkaster: LizR: "Nick, so, whats your next camtasia thing going to be about and when can we hope to see it?" - nick: the product address from EKON, for one

jkaster: iman: "any documentation on adding templates for other languages (PHP/javascrip/etc)" - david: we'll have to do some examples

jkaster: Zote: "Can you tell me, why you won't do this ?? BDP for ASA is very important to me!!!" - good question for when we have Steve Shaughnessy (DB architect) on the chat

jkaster: Zote: "When he (Steve Shaughnessy) will be here?" - we don't have it scheduled yet. I'm predicting probably around the end of this month to mid November he'll be ready to start talking about the new DB support and architecture

jkaster: OIIIIIIIO: "Another vote for the "BDP for ASA " question. Thank you."noted

jkaster: please vote on the report ... will discuss with Nick and Steve about re-opening it

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aohlsson: Doppelkopf card game

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jkaster: Jaws screen reader

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jkaster: Marco's dog, with his friend Daniel

jkaster: LizR: "Perhaps one talk topic which is good would be talking about accessibility and the art of good UI design for both seeing and non seeing people" - great idea

jkaster: zzzz: "Unicode? Didn't saw it on roadmap shots from the show" - nick: that is a very big issue for us, and we're in the process of putting Unicode on the roadmap

jkaster: Robert_G: "@allan, will there be smart tags in Highlander? :-)" - allen: we're currently working on Highlander and it's something we're looking at

jkaster: MrPMorris: "Are you going to spend some time learning ECO properly? ;-)" - nick: I do need to learn ECO better. david: there is now a web-based training course that is 4 days long and is being piloted in Germany. Contact our German office for details

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jkaster: Allen's web cam

jkaster: LizR: "whens the next one and what topic?" - next week is 5pm Pacific time, trying to get a well known partner from Asia on the show

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