BDNradio: Delphi Hour #10 with Nick Hodges

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Listen to the replay and read the chat log of the live broadcast of Delphi Hour #2 with Nick Hodges, with in-studio guests from the IT academy of Denmark

Listen to the audio replay or download the MP3.

This is a log of the chat room during the live audio chat from September 20, 2006 on the Delphi Hour with Nick Hodges, Delphi Product Manager.

Note: This log is only the chat room transcript. There is much additional information covered in the audio replay that is not available in this chat log. For all upcoming live chats, see EventCentral.

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jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster inserts the following link:

Download of hot fix roll-up, ISO images, and more

aohlsson: You should see it in EventCentral
aohlsson inserts the following link:

jkaster: obones: "who was best ? Sun, IBM or Borland ?" - Borland and Sun are very high on the list

jkaster: obones: "so what country is it north of?" - nick: Germany

aohlsson: rwachtel: "is there a link to the mentioned it academy?" -

aohlsson inserts the following link:
aohlsson: IT Academy

aohlsson: comiac: "is ECO .net only?" - Yes

NickH: obones: "so do we have to use skype to ask questions ? cause I don't have it installed here..." - No, you don't have to use Skype -- we are also taking questions here in the chat. Like this one. ;-)

jkaster: aikimark: "How do you pronounce Delphi when traveling around the world (Delf-ee?, Delf-ai?) :-)" - nick: I pronounce it both ways

jkaster: obones: "got news about dcc32 for turbo pro ?" - nick: we're working on it very, very hard

jkaster: Ronald: "Which scripting/dynamic languages are being used/are popular by the tools group people" - nick: JavaScript
jkaster: abauer: "Python and Ruby as well." - thanks Allen

jkaster: aikimark: "Is Kim Madsen a software hero?" - nick: yes, of course!

jkaster: comiac: "is there still an announcement coming by the end of this month?" - nick: I'm sure there's some announcements by somebody coming by the end of this month, but who knows what it will be about?

NickH: aikimark: "would you be interested in meeting some whose name is Delphi?" - Yes, sure!

jkaster: comiac: "Very funny, your own CEO stated something to this regards and YOU have quoted him, and I have proof!" - nick: I have nothing further to add

aohlsson: comiac: "lawyers can be REALLY REALLY scary" - no comment

jkaster: obones: "can you wait for me to install it ? I'll call in then" - hurry ...

jkaster: Ronald: "Nick, 2 or 3 weeks ago you asked in the newsgroups for what is needed for win32. What do you think where the top 5 suggestions? And when do you think we will get those?" - nick: I won't answer any questions about timing.

jkaster: sorry for the hum, we cranked him up

aohlsson: I'm tweaking the volume on the mixer. You'll have a lot of noise while we're chatting with Olivier.

jkaster inserts the following link:
jkaster: DTG Product Roadmap

jkaster: obones, you ended up sounding ok at the end. thanks for installing skype and asking!

jkaster: holger: "Nick can answer if he thinks the Twins will go to the Playoffs this year before the end as he wears the jersey ;-)" - nick: the only question is, will they win the division

jkaster: jwhall: "anyone install BDS on Vista yet?" - nick: yes, frequently

jkaster: pachecoes: "Can we expect updates on DataSnap on Highlander. e.g. Connectivity with ASP.Net.?" - john: we will have much better ADO.NET/VCL data connectivity for Highlander

jkaster: MrPMorris: "Is it possible to tell us if NDataStore will be revived?" - it's being worked on

jkaster: aikimark: "can Ndatasore be used with Win32 apps?" - nick: the answer should be yes, depending on how many data access features get implemented

jkaster: bwhite: "does the new database stuff require new drivers?" - nick: it will work with existing drivers

jkaster: aikimark: "is Ndatastore an alternative to TClientDataset for large local data cacheing?" - nick: it could be used that way

jkaster: iman: "suggestion, maybe you should kill BDE and go back to the paradox DLL's for a free embedded DB in the box" - nick: that's not going to happen

jkaster: bwhite: "I'm good with new DB stuff so long as it doesn't require new drivers. Should work with existing." - agreed

jkaster: comiac: "although you have tried not to convert anyone to .net, is there a compeling reason why I should look at it? or convert to it?" - eco, are two reasons

jkaster: holger: "How long does it take to complete University in Computer Science in Denmark? (Semesters)" - 5 years for a master's degree

jkaster: aikimark: "prizes for clicking on the Listening button" - no prizes today, sorry

jkaster: DSiders: "how many turbo registrations to date?" - nick: last I heard was 30,000 in about 2 days

jkaster: LizR: "are you going to make any turbo merchandise like tshirts, mouse mats, mugs etc" - nick: yes, definitely

jkaster: aikimark: "John, why ask us to click the Listening button?" - so we know you're listening!

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