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By: John Kaster

Abstract: Listen to the replay of the audio chat regarding the future of our development tools

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Listen to the audio replay, or download the mp3 version.

This is a log of the chat room during the live audio chat from February 8, 2006 on the future of Borland's developer tools.

Note: This log is only the chat room transcript. There is much additional information covered in the audio replay that is not available in this chat log. For all previous and upcoming live chats, see

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jkaster:chewy: "John ask the rest to speak up. I can hear you fine but not others." - you're hearing David, not me. but Anders is tweaking audio.

jkaster:Chomp: "Introductions couldn't be heard. Can each get a microphone?" - sorry for audio issues. we'll monitor the audio more closely to make sure it's loud enough

jkaster:dtkalcec: "do you think 1 hour will be enough at this point?" - yes, we'll do an hour for this one and schedule another when we have more information

jkaster:JoeH: "what will happen to the bdn site ?" - David: it's a developer network, so whatever the name of the company is going to be, we'll adjust the site for that name.

jkaster:dtkalcec: "why will the Together stuff keep the Borland name and the old Borland products get a new name?" - David: we get the brand names to our products. (The product brands have very good recognition as well.)

jkaster:aikimark: "With all the work spent on integrating TogetherSoft into the IDE, what is going to happen about that?" - michael: as it is right now, we're going to continue developing the integration and improve those feature sets. as an independent company, we'll have other choices as well for this kind of technology.

jkaster:Lori: "David I - did you really mean to say "nDataStore" (hoping)?" - david: I meant to say "nDataStore", which is a project. It's basically JDataStore for .NET. michael: we can't guarantee we'll deliver this as a product, but it is technology that will be spun out to the new company.

jkaster:JoeH: "David I did not include ECO just now - please confirm ng post that ECO will be in new company" - allen: since ECO is built in to BDS, it is a "developer" technology. We'll continue to further develop that. michael: To be real clear, the ECO team is part of the Delphi team, and will be part of this spin out.

jkaster:fdecker: "Apologies in Advance: Sounds like great spin, but what can you say to instill confidence that Delphi will still go on (as in nobody there has turned in their resignations yet, etc.)" - steve: the team here is very excited about this news. It gives us a lot of opportunity to evolve the products. I'm fairly confident we'll have a good solid team, and continue to develop great products and satisfy our customers.

jkaster:doychin: "Do you think that JBuilder based on primetime framework still hase chance in the new company?" - ravi: peloton is full-steam ahead for "JBuilder on Eclipse" to bring the usability of JBuilder to Eclipse. Now, with the new company, primetime is also there, so we'll evaluate that too, but we'll do whatever is best for developers. In the meantime, Peloton is going great, and we're going full-steam ahead.

jkaster:chewy: "How will customers get support? ;)" - David: we will still support our customers. Support will continue. Go on the support lines, TeamB is on the newsgroups, if you have Software Assurance, Maintenance, all these things, we're still here as Borland and we'll support our customers in the future as well.

jkaster:Droopy72: "Will all IDE products be moved to one buyer or is it possible that they will be separated bought?" - david: these products were put together to be "a company" attractive to buyers and make business sense

aohlsson: They said $10B... ;)
aohlsson: We only take Black Amex cards... ;)

jkaster:delphi64: "Can we renew a focus on the "small shops" . And how about students? I know this is premature, but what's you take?" - david: we'll continue this focus, and explore better ways to approach students. michael: we do have plans to re-invigorate the hobbyist and student market, and they were in the works before the spin-out was announced or planned. We can also put the infrastructure support behind this as well as part of the new company.

jkaster:sparky: "What about C++Builder? Will this product continue to develop and have enough resources to grow?" - allen: as far as having enough resources, the assumption is that the new company will have the focus on these development tools and reinvest into these products. The ability to continue developing for C++ will certainly remain.

jkaster:delphi64: "Did I hear Alan correctly? Would $10 million just for Delphi be a credible offer?" - David: Michael said "billion" with a "B"

jkaster:jozzb: "any hope that anders, chuck and danny are coming back to work at the "new borland"?" - david: guys, if you're out there listening, come on home! Or it would be great to have you invest as well. Would be great to have Borland alum come back to be part of the fun. Allen: I chatted with Chuck this morning, and he was pretty excited for us.

jkaster:casterle: "Re: BCB. That's not very reassuring!" - David: C++Builder is part of Borland Developer Studio. It is up to date and part of a full-featured personality for BDS.

jkaster:RobJLove: "Delphi has always been more than one person it has been about the Team? Will borland be keeping any of the Team Members?" - steve: we fully intend to keep the teams intact

davidi:Serge_D: "not going to make it today... when recording will be avialble?" - replay will be available for replay and download.

jkaster:casterle: "So the roadmap will still be valid?" - allen: we're still executing against the roadmap and it's business as usual. michael: we're hard at work right now on updates and trials for BDS 2006, then highlander after that. steve: I was expecting chatter today to be around news and acquisition, but everyone is staying focused on the roadmap.

jkaster:aikimark: "alumni?!? does that include Phillipe Kahn?" - david: Phillipe, come on back. It would be great to see you. I've been hearing from lots of Borland alumni congratulating us.

jkaster:Lauchlanm: "I've been hearing that producing IDEs is an increasingly difficult line of business, due to open source etc. How does this impact on the IDE spinoff plans?" - david: we're using open source in our products as well right now. ravi: we look at productivity, and not having the IDE get in your way. Then again, we also work on doing things like increasing the product's usability. allen: My take on the Delphi side of things, open source has not hit us very hard. we've been able to ride that out, and I've outlined reasons why I think we have on my blog
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jkaster: Allen's blog

jkaster:bmcgee: "How will StarTeam bundling change?" - michael: right now we have no plans to change this bundling. We'll look at that decision again for the next release.

jkaster:SimonK: "I guess with another company buying the IDE product line, there also MIGHT be hope for Kylix again in case that buyer is interested. Well, actually this isn't really a question ;)" - michael: as we've said, currently we don't have Kylix updates on our roadmap but clearly we want this technology and source code. We want to be able to have that technology to have the flexibility to do things with it, whether it's updates or completely new products for Linux.

jkaster:Lori: "what about TeamB? are we TeamX now?" - david: For now, you're TeamB. When we have a new name, you'll be Team(new name)

jkaster:JoeH: "what about QC ? will both companies have the QualityCentral concept ?" - david: we'll definitely keep the capabilities we have on BDN. We can't say what Borland will do. steve: we're blessed with a great relationship with our developer community, so we definitely want to promote this further.

jkaster:bmcgee: "John, give us the DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS line!" - sorry, we don't have a spare mic ;)

jkaster:aikimark: "Borland hasn't cared about Delphi for quite some time. Why should they start now?" - steve: WE care about Delphi. We definitely care about Delphi, and we're the new company. Michael: All the people who care about Delphi, C++Builder, JBuilder, InterBase, etc are going with these products to the new company.

jkaster:JoeH: "how will you get the delphi thrid party market support as a new company ? do you assume they will all continue, or do you have plans to actively get their support ?" - david: we will definitely be bringing the partnership, authors, trainers, forward to the new company.

jkaster:DBarclay: " Any interest in pursuing the lost VBers now?" - michael: we're always interested in the VB developers. A lot of Delphi developers are former VB developers. There are also millions of developers that depend on high-performance machine compiled code, too. We'll support .NET, but we're going to continue to support and invest in our native technologies as well.

jkaster:fdecker: "Will this affect the visit schedule? There is a meeting that had to be put off when someone had a new baby (Anders? congratulations!) Can we still get a visit in February? We are in RTP, NC" - anders: there are no change to the current user group tour. We're going to add a user group stop in Cupertino. We're going to support you guys in the future.

jkaster:Zorwell: "You say "we are the new company" -- doesn't that only make sense if you are spun off and not simply sold?" - david: We're going to be spun off. We can't say who will be the investors. The product teams for the developer products is the "we"

jkaster:NickH: "Who gets Borland Sprint?" - michael: Is somebody offering?

jkaster:NickH: "How about Sidekick?" - Borland doesn't own sidekick

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jkaster: EventCentral link

jkaster:dtkalcec: "How is the "climate" at Borland? On the Newsgroups it "sounded" like IDE guys were very excited about this change, but how do the guys feel that will stay with Borland?" - david: It's pretty warm here. Both "companies" are excited about being able to focus on the things they know and love.

jkaster:livechat: "Who is going to get Interbase?" - The "new company". InterBase is in the "developer tools" group.

jkaster:cleggy: "Will DevRel still be doing their World Tours?" - For now, we will continue doing our tours. We'll have to see about travel schedule after the spin-out.

jkaster:livechat: "Maybe the new company can have a conference in Milwaukee sometime :-)" - Come see me in Milwaukee next month!
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jkaster:livechat: "John, I might be there(milwaukee next month) but it would have been nicer if the time was a little earlier :-)" - I can be there earlier in the day.

jkaster:livechat: "Dan Miser said otherwise, only reason I suggested it was so we could attend during work hours" - I wasn't talking about for the meeting.

jkaster:casterle: "Good Job!"thanks

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