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10 Sep 2007 Blackfish SQL Developer's Guide Overview
Overview of the Blackfish SQL database and link to the download of the Blackfish SQL Developer's Guide.
Dee Elling Documentation
7 Nov 2006 BDNtv: Database development with Delphi and C++Builder 2006 (Webinar replay)
Watch the replay of the webinar presented by Borland Developer Relations
John Kaster Video
14 Feb 2006 Borland Data Provider 2.5 Features
This article introduces the Borland Data Provider 2.5 features that shipped with Delphi 2006
Ramesh Theivendran Contributed Article
10 Feb 2006 Cooking in the labs: Easy Compact Framework connectivity from Borland Developer Studio
Here's a sneak peak of new technology for Compact Framework development to show we are still focused on getting work done
John Kaster Article
18 Jul 2005 Delphi Events, August 2005, in Houston Texas - BorCon Lite 2005, Delphi 2005 for .NET Jump Start
Houston's Hot! and it's the place to be this August with these exciting and information-packed Delphi events
Cary Jensen Contributed Article
9 Nov 2004 Building a custom data provider for .Text (a custom ASP.NET blogging application)
A case study on the porting of .Text from SQL Server to InterBase using Delphi for .NET
Robert Love Contributed Article
3 Nov 2004 BDNtv: Deriving a model from an existing database with ECO II in Delphi 2005
Henrik Jondell demonstrates how easy it is to create model-powered applications for your existing databases with ECO II
John Kaster Video
12 Apr 2004 .NET USERGROUP in the Bay Area!
Join us every 3rd Wednesday of every month to learn about .NET technologies in Santa Clara, CA starting April 21st. Register today for FREE!
Lino Tadros Contributed Article
1 Mar 2004 Building Distributed Database Applications in .NET Using BDP and DB2 UDB
This article introduces the basics of .NET remoting and shows how to remote data from one tier to another
John Kaster Article
27 Jan 2004 Borland Data Provider (BDP) for the Microsoft.NET Framework
High-performance enterprise database development for ADO.NET
John Kaster White Paper
9 Jan 2004 Working with Commands in ADO.NET
This article takes a look at classes that implement the IDbCommand interface, and how you use them to execute SQL statements against your connected database.
Cary Jensen Contributed Article
20 Oct 2003 Making the Connection: Accessing Your Database using ADO.NET
This series on ADO.NET continues with a look at connecting to your database. In particular, a number of IDbConnection-implementing classes are discussed, including that found in BDP.NET, the Borland Data Provider.
Cary Jensen Contributed Article
7 Oct 2003 C#Builder Update 2 is available
Registered C#Builder users can now download update 2
John Kaster Updates
11 Aug 2003 Improve your data related design time experience with C#Builder Personal Edition
Typed Datasets enhance your Personal edition design time experience when working with database data. This article shows the benefits, and how to overcome the difficulties, involved with using Typed datasets from within the Personal edition
Barry Mossman Contributed Article
23 Jul 2003 Are dBase Tables Accessible From C# Builder?
Justin Swett FAQ
18 Jul 2003 Data Storage in ADO.NET
This article is the second in a series to look at ADO.NET. In this installment we take a look at the ADO.NET data storage classes.
Cary Jensen Contributed Article
18 Jul 2003 C#Builder and InterBase ADO.NET Tutorial by Clay Shannon
Create a simple ADO.NET app with a parameterized query using C#Builder and InterBase
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
14 Jul 2003 Using ADO.NET with C#Builder Personal by Bob Swart
In this article, Bob Swart shows you how to use C#Builder Personal in combination with "plain" ADO.NET to connect to a MSDE database, create a table, insert records, select the records from this table again and show them in a datagrid.
Bob Swart Contributed Article
11 Jul 2003 Data Access in ADO.NET
ADO.NET provides the native data access layer for the .NET framework. This article is the first in a series to look at ADO.NET, and begins a discussion of the data access mechanism.
Cary Jensen Contributed Article
7 Jul 2003 BDNtv: ASP.NET datagrid design with C#Builder
This simple example shows how you can use C#Builder to rapidly create a data-aware ASP.NET application with minimal coding efforts
John Kaster Video

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