ODBC error: [INTERSOLV][ODBC InterBase driver]Optional feature not implemented.

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: Error indicates a ODBC 3.0 function is called, where only a 2.5 function is supported

Getting error "  [INTERSOLV][ODBC InterBase driver]Optional feature not implemented. " 
when connecting using the ODBC driver.

This error indicates that the function passed to the ODBC driver is not supported by the ODBC driver.  I 
see it most often with wide character functions (functions suffix with "w").  You can turn the ODBC 
trace on and find out the exact function that is failing with this error.  These functions are ODBC 3.0 
functions and it's not supported in the ODBC driver.  The only workaround I could suggest is perhaps to 
use ODBC 2.5 functions from the application.

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