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8 Jan 2001 Accessing Hardware Ports
How do I access the COM ports in windows.
Mat Duafala FAQ
5 Jan 2001 Linux Kernel 2.4 is out - but when will Linux vendors start shipping it?
Yesterday, Linus Torvalds announced the availability of Linux 2.4. The first question is, "When will the Linux vendors start shipping it?"
David Intersimone Article
5 Jan 2001 Multiple declaration errors when including shlobj.h.
Vincent Drake FAQ
4 Jan 2001 Using COM to Accept Interprocess Drag and Drop operations
This article describes how to implement an OLE Drop Target.
mykle hoban TI
4 Jan 2001 Winsock2 features
What are the main differences between winsock1.1 and winsock2?
Mat Duafala FAQ
28 Dec 2000 Why is my MTS object access violating when I install it in COM+?
This article describes how to fix access violations caused when installing transaction objects in COM+
mykle hoban FAQ
28 Dec 2000 How to expand file wildcards such as *.txt and *.*
This document describes how to handle wiildcards in a Win32 Console application.
mykle hoban FAQ
21 Dec 2000 How do I limit the movement of the mouse cursor?
How to "trap" the mouse in an area.
Vincent Drake FAQ
21 Dec 2000 How to draw custom dashed/dotted lines on a canvas.
Describes the use of ExtCreatePen to customize the length of your dotted lines.
Vincent Drake FAQ
11 Dec 2000 What is an AV, and how do I debug them
The basic steps to debug Access Violations in a win32 program.
Mat Duafala TI
4 Dec 2000 How to Save an Embedded Resource to a File
This article describes how to save a resource embedded in your application to a file.
mykle hoban FAQ
4 Dec 2000 Manually moving non-visual components off the form without using data modules.
Using Ctrl-arrow keys to move non-visual components from the viewable area of the form.
Christopher Moeller FAQ
1 Dec 2000 The Life and Death of TButton
Robert Kozak's of Kylix R&D's column on CLX
John Kaster Article
1 Dec 2000 Come see Kylix in Toronto
John K will be in Toronto, Monday Dec 4th, showing Kylix at the Toronto Delphi User Group. Admission is free. If you want to see Kylix this year, this is a great opportunity.
John Kaster Article
28 Nov 2000 How to Make Your Form "Snap" to the Screen Edge or Another Form
This document details the steps necessary to create "snapping" or "magnetic" windows, much like in Winamp.
mykle hoban TI
21 Nov 2000 Kylix and JBuilder Notes from Linux Business Expo
Some pictures and press links from Linux Business Expo November 13 - 17, 2000 at COMDEX, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
John Kaster Article
20 Nov 2000 Have investors doomed desktop Linux?
Pressure to minimize losses has apparently moved quixotic battle to the back burner.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
20 Nov 2000 UK-BUG Linux/Kylix Master Class
Charlie Calvert will be presenting a two day Linux programming and Kylix masterclass on November 27th and 28th in London
John Kaster Article
17 Nov 2000 Kylix preview in December?
The Register is reporting that a preview could ship widely next month.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
17 Nov 2000 Linux Journal announces product-of-year picks
Second annual Penguin Playoffs winners named at Linux Business Expo.
J.D. Hildebrand Article

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