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27 Sep 2002 Cross-platform Development with Borland RAD Tools
A Borland white paper on native cross-platform development with Borland's RAD tools
John Kaster Article
10 Sep 2002 Kylix 3 gets 5 stars from LinuxPlanet
Two Kylix 3 reviews
Anders Ohlsson Article
25 Jul 2002 What's new in Kylix 3
See a detailed list of some of the new features of Kylix 3
John Kaster Article
23 Jul 2002 How do I change the program icon for a console application?
Describes how to modify the default application icon that appears in Windows Explorer for console applications.
Vincent Drake FAQ
23 Jul 2002 Kylix 3 Press Coverage
A short list of links in the press and discussion forums regarding Kylix 3
John Kaster Article
23 Jul 2002 Press Release: Borland Breaks New Ground with C++Technology for Linux®
Kylix 3 delivers the first C/C++ and Borland Delphi integrated rapid application development solution for creating database, GUI, Web, and Web Services applications for the Linux® operating system
John Kaster Article
25 Jun 2002 Disabling TCppWebBrowser's context menu or "right-click" menu.
Implementing IDocHostUIHandler in a simple COM object quickly solves this problem at the source.
Vincent Drake TI
15 Mar 2002 Capturing and gracefully handling delay-loaded DLL errors.
Demonstrates creating a hook function to handle error messages caused by delay-load failures.
Vincent Drake FAQ
1 Mar 2002 New .NET RAD sessions at BorCon 2002!
Borland staff, including Chuck Jazdzewski and Danny Thorpe will be providing previews of the future of RAD development at BorCon 2002
John Kaster Article
20 Feb 2002 Microsoft ComCtrls and Delphi/C++Builder version 6
Eddie Churchill describes the pitched battle to maintain compatibility with the XP version of ComCtrls, and also discusses Themes
Eddie Churchill Article
12 Feb 2002 Borland reveals Microsoft .NET platform support strategy
Borland has announced support for .NET development, and reveals our .NET support strategy
John Kaster Article
8 Feb 2002 Travel report from LinuxWorld 2002
DevRel went to NYC to celebrate the one year anniversary of Kylix!
Anders Ohlsson Article
28 Jan 2002 Calling willing Linux gurus
Come see Borland Developer Relations and some of your other Borland friends at this year's LinuxWorld in New York City
Anders Ohlsson Article
9 Jan 2002 More marketing
Two snapshots of two ads
Anders Ohlsson Article
8 Jan 2002 Save $100 - LinuxWorld
I got this non-personal email offer, so I'm sharing the wealth. Enjoy!
Anders Ohlsson Article
11 Dec 2001 Borland exhibits at PDC
John K manned the Borland booth at the Microsoft Professional Developer's Conference the first day of the show. Read this article for pictures and observations.
John Kaster Article
21 Nov 2001 Coding closer to the metal
For blazingly efficient C++ -- when you need to wring the last drop of performance out of your code -- use C++Builder without the VCL. Here's how. By David Pankhurst.
David Pankhurst Contributed Article
19 Nov 2001 Nokia and Borland to Collaborate on Accelerating Application Development for the New Nokia Series 60 Platform
Borland's Best-in-Class Java and C++ Solutions Aim to Speed and Simplify Development of Wireless Applications
John Kaster Press Release
1 Jun 2001 How hard is it to get my OWL application to compile with C++Builder 5?
Describes some of the steps involved with working with the, now unsupported, OWL library.
Vincent Drake FAQ
25 May 2001 Unresolved external '_main' referenced from c0x32.obj
Common error for beginning windows programmers.
Vincent Drake FAQ

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