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2 Feb 2000 Will C++ Builder 4 run in 16 color mode?
16 color graphics color mode for C++ Builder 4.
Christopher Moeller FAQ
2 Feb 2000 Why am I receiving an "Error writing file" message?
"Error writing file" message when attempting to run project
Christopher Moeller FAQ
30 Nov 1999 How to disable Ctrl-Alt-Del and Alt-Tab key combo under Win95.
Describes an undocumented feature of the Windows API function SystemParametersInfo
Vincent Drake FAQ
30 Nov 1999 How to access the current user's login ID.
The Windows API function GetUserName is the simple answer to this common question.
Vincent Drake FAQ
24 Nov 1999 How to create a shared segment in a dll.
Gives an example of creating a shared segment in Builder4 using compiler switches and DEF file.
Vincent Drake FAQ
27 Oct 1999 Problems with Y2K update for Borland C++ 5.X
Problems with Y2K update pertaining to early versions of Borland C++ 5
Christopher Moeller FAQ
13 Oct 1999 Why am I spontaneously getting "type mismatch in redeclaration of..." errors in the Windows header files?
How to fix these errors.
mykle hoban FAQ
11 Oct 1999 How to hide your application from the Windows process list.
An examination of how to prevent your application from showing up in the list displayed in Windows 95/98 by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del
mykle hoban TI
8 Oct 1999 Using anonymous pipes to redirect standard input/output of a child process.
Using CreateProcess and anonymous pipes with child process standard input/output
mykle hoban TI
23 Jan 1999 Retrieving all Windows
Describes how to enumerate though all windows
Kevin Scardina FAQ

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